A Full Nights Sleep

We've had four full nights in a row of Nollie sleeping in her crib with no waking up. She never did sleep through the night from the time she was born but lately it seemed to be getting worse. She was waking up more often and wanting to eat for longer. As much as I wanted to avoid formula I started giving her a bottle at night before bed and it seems to be doing the trick.

Quinn has been down visiting us for the week. It's good to get a chance to visit with him. Nollie has a good time playing with him and makes the sign for puppy when she see's him, maybe it's his hair. There has been lots of Nintendo Wii playing and of course I have to get in a board game or two.

Nollie is crawling all over, following me from room to room and pulling herself up to walk along the furniture. She plays really well by herself and can sit for an hour playing with her toy or looking at her books. She is such a happy little girl, always smiling and laughing. I must say we got off pretty easy so far with her. What will the next one bring???

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Baby Number Two

It's official, baby number two is on the way. I went for my ultrasound this week and we could see the little heart beat. I'm about 10 weeks now and will be due October 11thish. This puts Nollie and the baby 15 months apart. We are really quite excited.
I've been feeling pretty good, a little blah, and tired and Curt might say a little moody but otherwise good.

Nollie is turning into a busy little girl, She wants to see and touch everything. She crawls around all over now, sometimes on her hands and knees and othertimes just dragging and pushing herself on her stomach. She has pulled herself up on things but not too often although if she is standing on the edge of the couch she can move along it pretty easily. You can not just hold her on your lap on the couch anymore, she has got to be crawling all over everything and checking things out, I think we're going to have a climber. The cutest thing is that when the phone rings she looks around and says "hewow". She also did her first baby sign the other day. She signed dog when they were at the window. This is the sign I have been most consistent about doing so it has encouraged me to work a little more on some of the other signs. Anyway we are having fun here on the ranch. Have a great day!

Dawson Photos


I'm an Aunty

Congrats to Courtney & Ryan on the birth of their baby girl.
Dawson Ryan
Born March 2, 2007
6Lb 14oz
18" long

I'm going out to see the little angel tomorrow so the pictures will be coming.
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