In the Past month:

*Luca got two teeth
*Nollie got a hair cut from her mom
*Luca is pulling herself along the floor getting all of Nollie's toys
*Nollie spends her time yelling at Luca & moving the toys away from her
*Luca is not bothered by this and just crawls to get the toys in the new spot
*Nollie has moved away from the third person & is now using pronouns
*We went on a trip to the Valley Zoo (see the photo of Nollie with the zebra)
*I sewed a pair of shorts for Nollie (way too big, I need to figure out how to make the patterns fit better)
*I've started line drying my clothes again
*My little sister Shelby turned 18
*I attended Courtney's shower/stagette
*I've been enjoying Monday morning Strollercise with the girls
*We have windows & doors in our house
*We're part way through fraiming the interior of the house
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