Play Time

It was pretty cute on Sunday to see Nollie & Abi playing together. Lots of tickling and giggling. Here are some photos.

Early Christmas Present

I was surprised to receive an early Christmas present yesterday. While looking at and trying out sewing machines in Edmonton Curt said "Wrap it up" Yea! I got a new embroidery machine and a new serger. What a treat. I am so excited to see all that I can do with my new tools. This is the first embroidery that I did last night. Today I will try out the serger and play some more with embroidery.

Thank you so much Curt!

New Poll

I've updated my poll finally. How often do you wash your kitchen floor? For me I intend to do it once a week as part of my weekly cleaning but lately it has not turned out that way. I've been putting it off each time and soon it is visibly quite dirty. It won't be long before Nollie is crawling around on the floor. I guess at that point I will have to kick it up a notch. That's the procrastinator in me, don't do it unit you have to.

Here are the results to the last poll. More tea drinkers than coffee. That was surprising to me.

Hot Drinks
Would you rather...
Coffee (4) 25%
Tea (6) 38%
Hot Chocolate (5) 31%
Other (0) 0%


Feeling inside Nollie's mouth on Sunday I noticed something poking out. Her two front teeth on the bottom are trying to work their way out. Everyone I tell this to says "ouch" about me not her. I do however intend to continue breastfeeding. There are tons of mothers out there who have breastfed long past teeth and not had their nipple bit off. Hopefully I can be one of them.

Nollie in the Jungle
This is a cute little toy that I borrowed from my play group.

Morning Run

For the last 6 days I have gotten up at 6:30am to go for a run. I'm not quite sure exactly what it was that got me started on this. Was I inspired by watching the biggest loser, was it that the Dog Whisperer says that the dogs should have to work for their food and thus go for a walk before getting it. Or maybe it was the new form fitting work out pants that I made that didn't look all that great clinging to my thighs (they're not quite ready for the 4-way stretch). Regardless of the reason, I got out there and I feel great, endorphans are a wonderful thing! What is it twenty something days to make a habbit?

Here's a photo of Nollie last night trying to eat her feet.
I think I have more pictures of her naked than with clothes on.


After a month of thinking that we would be stuck in Provost fo Christmas we have been informed that we will be able to go home after all. Thanks to Rick for taking Curt's oncall over Christmas. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday time of the year. The food, games, and most importantly the family. The thought of not being able to go home really bumed me out, along with a few other people I'm sure. I'm looking forward to a whole week of family fun.

High Chair


We started putting Nollie in the Highchair lately. She enjoys being up at the same level as us when we're eating or working in the kitchen.

She looks so small against the big chair.

Cats vs Dogs

When we first moved here to the ranch we acquired about 10 cats. This seemed a bit much for us but they mostly stayed in and around the barn, besides we couldn't possibly have any mice with 10+ cats. This summer we got two dogs, Simon as a puppy first and he was fine with the cats because they were about the same size as him and he was a little intimidated by their hissing at him. Later we got Rufus at about a year old he was much more rambunctious and loved to chase anything that moved. Well Rufus chased all the cats away. Now we don't want to get any mice so recently we picked up a couple of kittens. We've been keeping the cats in the garage to keep them separate from Rufus and let them get used to us. Rufus knows that they are in there and is going absolutely nuts. He's whining all the time and looking through the windows of the garage. The time has come now to introduce the two animals and I don't know if there is any good way. I asked at the vet office and they don't have much for suggestions. I guess we'll just try a little at a time with Rufus on a leash so he doesn't get out of control. I don't think I'll do it until Curt is home. Wish me luck.


I'm very excited to have started sewing again. I spent all last week cleaning up the basement and setting up a sewing area. Late last week I received the fabric I ordered online. I spent some time yesterday sewing Curt a shirt, I'm almost finished. Curt is happy because I was able to make the shirt longer for him. Most shirts that we buy are too short. I love sewing so much and I seem to forget until I sit down and get started. I would love to take a course to help me with tayloring clothing to fit properly, there's nothing around here but maybe I can take a trip to the city some time to take one. For now I will just keep practicing and see what I can figure out on my own. I've also ordered some pattern magazines filled with the cutest kids clothing. They are coming from Finland. You can check them out at I can't wait for them to arive so I can try making Nollie something really cute. Maybe someday I can make her and her dolls matching clothing like my mom did for me.


Nollie's First Halloween. Although she doesn't know any different I had to put her Eeyore outfit on for Halloween to go to the play group yesterday. It was so cute to see all the kids in their costumes as well as the ones that decided they didn't want to put theirs on though they had been practicing wearing them all week. It's neat to think how exciting Halloween will be for Nollie in a couple years. I didn't dress up, maybe next year I'll be really prepared and make a costume, but I say that every year. No tick-or-treaters at the ranch last night so I get to eat the little bit of candy I bought.

Here are some Pics of little Eeyore.

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