Nollie's First Halloween. Although she doesn't know any different I had to put her Eeyore outfit on for Halloween to go to the play group yesterday. It was so cute to see all the kids in their costumes as well as the ones that decided they didn't want to put theirs on though they had been practicing wearing them all week. It's neat to think how exciting Halloween will be for Nollie in a couple years. I didn't dress up, maybe next year I'll be really prepared and make a costume, but I say that every year. No tick-or-treaters at the ranch last night so I get to eat the little bit of candy I bought.

Here are some Pics of little Eeyore.


Anonymous said...

COULD NOLLIE POSSIBLY GET ANY CUTER? geez that lil princess brakes my heart everytime i see her!love aunty courtney

Anonymous said...

Love Grandma Martin (Jr)

Shelby said...

Love the top picture of Nollie in her costume!! Such serious looks! Love you guys sooo much....MISS YOU!

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