Merry Christmas


Waverly is One


Yesterday Waverly enjoyed her first Birthday surrounded by her family.

She grabbed her cake and got right to business

She let her sisters and her cousin help her open and enjoy her presents

Nollie told me Waverly didn't look any bigger, but I think she did.

Happy First Birthday Waverly Jean!

Cindy Lou Who

We watched The Grinch (Jim Carey version) the other day and then thought it would be fun to try doing the girls hair like Cindy Lou Who.

They got a little silly when I was trying to take pictures.

I think Wave was sad she didn't have enough hair to join in.

Nollie's Christmas Embroidery


This is Nollie's first embroidery piece that we have hung on the wall.  Its a tree with no leaves.  When she was done stitching she needed to staple it to a piece of paper, staple garland around the outside and cut off the excess paper & fabric. It was entirely her creation and I love it.

Halloween 2010


Here are some Halloween photos from this year

All Three Together

Nollie's Clown Face (painted by Curt)

Waverly The Pink Cat

Luca The Monkey

Curt as Mike Homes

 Nollie as a Bird 
This was completely thought out and assembled by Nollie the only help we gave was by her instruction.  A bag, some feathers and a piece of orange paper.

 Waverly the Spider

Halloween at this point for us consists of the girls dressing up and us driving around to all the family members houses in the area (Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles).  About 10 stops and it takes us three hours. Most of the time is spent buckling and buckling the girls and then we have a quick visit at each place.  This year the girls sang "Trick-or-treat, smell my feet..." and got a huge pile of candy... for Mom to eat.  It was lots of fun and at the end of the night the girls had smeared face paint, were sticky, wired off candy, and exhausted.

The night before Halloween we also dressed up and went over to a friends place, hence the two different costumes on the girls.

Happy 3rd Birthday Luca!

Luca had a wonderful Birthday yesterday.  She was so excited to be THREE!  The first thing she asked when she woke up (after "am I three") was "can we eat the cake now" which she continued to ask all day.  She sang Happy Birthday to You to herself all day as well.  When we had an hour to kill in town and I asked her what she wanted to do she said with out a doubt "go to the pet store" and so we did  and the animal she wanted to see most was the big spider.

We had the Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins over for supper and cake.  Luca did a wonderful job of sharing all the birthday duties such as opening her birthday presents and blowing out the candles with her sister and cousins.  It was a great day!

Luca at three years old...

Her favorite shirt is her soccer shirt (below) that my mom brought back from Italy.  She wears that blue jersey every week, sometimes more.  If she is not wearing that she is likely wearing a dress.

Luca has sensitive eyes and I have to be sure to have sunglasses with me at all times.  She has even requested sunglasses while sitting inside with the sun shining through the window.
Luca is a little helper, especially for Nollie, if Nollie is supposed to do something and isn't doing it Luca will come to the rescue and do it for her.

Luca is also a fighter and her temper tantrums can last especially the "I can do it" kind.

Luca loves to play catch and is good at the catch and the throw.

Luca is afraid of spiders but I'm impressed with her desire to face her fears by always looking at the big ones in the pet store.

 Luca is the egg cracker in our house.  She loves to crack the eggs when we are baking.  Although it may look unconventional and she gets messy fingers I actually have to pick less shells out of her eggs than I do my own.

Luca's job before we go anywhere is to fill the water bottles, such a big help.  I can get alot of running around done while she is standing at the cooler filling them.

Luca asks for a "May-Sa-Geen" (Magazine) every time we are in the van.  I don't correct her 'cause it sounds so cute and I know a day will come when it will just be Magazine and not May-Sa-Geen.

Luca loves her blanky and although she doesn't carry it with her everywhere if she is upset or tired she will request it.

 Happy Birthday to my first little red head, Luca!!!

Straight Hair

I got my hair cut yesterday and in the process she straightened it.  My hair actually felt longer after the haircut. I thought I'd show a photo 'cause you know I won't take the time to straighten it again myself. 

Styrofoam Balls & Pipecleaners

The girls found a bag of Styrofoam balls in the craft supplies this weekend.  They opened them up and weren't sure what to do with them.  After watching them attempt to cut the balls and seeing there scissors slide off I suggested they use pipe cleaners to stab into the Styrofoam.  They were delighted and it kept them busy for probably an hour making creations.

Waverly at 10 Months

Ten Months, that is crazy to think about, so close to a year.  Waverly is generally a happy, content little girl.  She sits on the floor with her basket of toys and plays.  She scooches around a bit but has no interest in crawling or doing any serious movement.  I set her on the floor in the room with us and she plays until she has to pee, has peed or wants a drink.  She has some of her pees and poops on the potty and is happy when I let her do so.  Don't get me wrong I still have a full diaper pail a few times a week but we catch some.  She has been working on going from 2 teeth to 8 teeth in the last month so she has requested a little extra attention but still pretty easy.

She mostly is drinking mama's milk still.  She samples some food if she is awake when we are eating but isn't eating meals yet.  She wasn't a fan of mush so I just didn't worry about it and we went right to food a little later.  She sleeps with Curt & I in her crib that is attached to our bed.  She  naps twice a day, no set  schedule just generally once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  I can just tell when she is tired.

She loves to blow raspberries and has for a couple months now.  She like s to pucker her lips and make kiss noises, she does "so big" by putting her arms in the air and claps her had patty cake.  She likes to explore new toys and books and loves to be with her sisters.  She has recently started dancing by bopping up and down when she hears music playing.  She says "dadadada...", "yayayaya..." and "babababa..."  and makes gurglly chubaka noises.  She loves baths and swimming and will just kick the whole time.  Really there is not much she doesn't like. 

When You Can't Cut, You Tape

Nollie came in the kitchen yesterday to find me cutting fabric on the island. I've been cutting little squares out of my fabric scraps to potentially make a quilt.  "Can I cut some fabric for the dress you are going to make me tomorrow"  She has been bugging me about making her a dress for quite some time.  "Sure" I say handing her my bag of scraps, hoping that this will hold her off from asking me to make her dress right now.  She takes it to the table and gets some scissors from the drawer.  "I need some cardboard too"  She says.  I bring her a old flattened cereal box from our craft supplies.  She looks at me with a bit of disgust "Not that kind of cardboard, the kind that is the colour of cardboard."  So I cut the front panel off the box and hand it to her with the inside up so she can see the "cardboard colour", she seems satisfied.  I watch her as she lays a piece of fabric down and puts the cardboard on top like I do with my quilting ruler and tries to cut along the straight edge.  My heart nearly melts, she has been watching me enough to know how it works, so cute!  I go back to the island and continue my cutting and before long I hear her cry out in frustration "Its not working!  The scissors wont' cut the fabric"  I knew that was coming, her scissors are not sharp enough to cut fabric.  "Can I use your knife?"  (my rotary cutter that I am using right now), um no and no, 4 year olds don't need a round blade on a stick, it is too sharp, I'm using it right now and it is MINE!  So I say "No Nollie, it's too sharp."  "But, my scissors aren't working and I need to cut some fabric for the dress you are going to make me tomorrow."  "I'm sorry but, no you can't use my cutter".  Meanwhile Luca is running around trying to save the day and get Nollie a knife from the utensil drawer, a butter knife, no not sharp enough, a steak knife.  Nollie didn't appreciate her thoughtfulness.  She sits for a bit and then says "I need some tape."  "Sure" I reply and she goes to get some tape from her craft cupboard.  I start firing out suggestions, thinking about how taping fabric may also not work.  "You know, you can do something completely different, you can glue some of the fabric scraps onto the cardboard to make a collage."  I get the disgusted look again from her "I need tape."  Ok, fair enough and I just let her be.  I came back later to find this:

 I sat down to watch and she asked me to help.  She gave me pieces of tape and told me exactly where to put them and when we were finished we had these:

They are pieces for her dress we are going to make tomorrow....

Waverly's Fist Movement

I put Waverly on the potty yesterday and came back to find she had pushed herself backwards into my closet.  I guess you can say she's moving around.

Lobster and Cleaning

Since Curt & I were not together for our for our 6th anniversary this weekend he arranged for the two elder ones (W is still with me) to go to Grandma & Grandpas for the night.  He took the following day off as his day in lieu of working the weekend and told me the evening and the next day were mine to decide what to do with.  Dinner, a movie, shopping in the city the next day, I was to make the plans.  I didn't need a shopping trip in the city, nor did I want to spend unnecessary money so I nixed that one.  The movies playing in town were all low scorers on Rotten Tomatoes (my one and only movie guide) so that was out and a movie in the city would mean a 8 month old tag along which I didn't think would work so well.  Dinner out would be nice but I hate going out and spending money and then being disappointed with the meal knowing I could have made something better at home, so that option wasn't really jumping out at me either.  What would you choose?

The decision .... dinner at home, made by the two of us together, something different that we hadn't cooked before and for the next day cleaning and organizing around the house, not working on projects but cleaning and organizing. 

After dropping the girls off and running around town with just one little girl (a treat alone) I got home tidied up the house including cleaning off the island top (something we rarely see cleared). I even went and cut some fresh flowers from my garden to put on display (something I never do). We enjoyed a glass of wine,  spanakopita as an appetizer, lobster tails (2 each) for the main and cheesecake for dessert.  We followed it all up with a movie and some more wine on our own couch.  It was lovely!

The next day we cleaned & organized the girls room, the back entry, the garage and part of the shop before going to pick up the girls. How can it look like they have grown only overnight!

Happy 6 years to us!


I can't believe summer is nearly half over.  I've been a little slow on the camera lately but here are a few photos just in case you forgot what my girls look like.


A Quiet Ride Home

I used to enjoy long drives, quiet, relaxing , time by yourself to think.  There were no distractions, no multitasking, just reflecting.  Even when I wasn’t alone, driving with Curt we seemed to have the best conversations.  Those quiet rides have slowly disappear and my drives are now filled with answering questions, settling disputes, passing out snacks & water, picking up dropped books, playing eye-spy and other such games, asking someone to stop screaming, listening to a tantrum because a certain two year old did not get to do up her own buckle, etc.  oh yes and driving too.

I think I may have recently found the ticket to a quieter ride.  It started when I took this kids CD out from the library recently and the last track of the disc was a story being told.  The van was silent!  Silent for the whole story!  The next time I was a the library I glanced at the audiobooks and found The Frog and Toad Audio Collection, a classic.  I checked it out of the library and we listened to it on the way home,  I was blessed with nearly silence again!  It's a miracle!  The hunt has now begun for good children's audio books to add to my collection.  The great part is that I don't need a new one each time, the kids would actually prefer to listen to the same ones over and over.  Less work for me, however listening to the same story every trip may bring on a whole new set of problems.

TRAC our regional library system has recently started offering downloadable audio books that you can put on your Ipod and I am excited to see what they have to offer and try some out.
Have you been to Robert Munsch’s Website?  It has all of his stories being told by the wonderful story teller himself available to listen online or download for free. While you are there check out his all about Robert Munsch section, it is an interesting read.

Here’s to hoping that I may enjoy an occasional quiet ride.  At least I have another trick to add to my collection.


I guess it has been a while since I updated my reading list on the left, I had lots to add.   I've also spent a lot of time lately perusing all of the Lois Hole gardening books in my collection, wonderful reference books for an Alberta gardener.  Happy reading!

Quinn's Graduation

We had a busy weekend, one of the events we enjoyed was my littlest brother Quinn's High school Graduation.


Quinn with Mom & Dad
 He really enjoyed the photo shoots and put on a nice show for us

 Shelby, Quinn, Court & I (Missing Jesse)

We also got to visit with Grandma & Papa Hutch since they were out for the event.  Here's a photo of the whole family with Grandma & Papa.
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