TV Turnoff Week


Just a heads up for those that don't know.  It is TV Turnoff Week, April 19-25, 2010.

When we moved into this house we decided against getting satellite TV and where we live no satellite means no TV.   I had initially said that it was for a year ,so that we could concentrate on finishing the house but now, nearly two years later,  we have no plans of changing.  We do still spend some time in front of the screen.  The girls watch a DVD most days, Curt & I enjoy watching quite a few movies, Curt likes video games and I'm all about reading the entire internet, so this week is for us too.

I challenge you to partake in this TV Turnoff Week.  It is supposed to be a nice weather here so get outside.  If you need something to do come on over to my house or meet me at the new library on Wednesday, I think we're going to check it out.

I know for me it is not TV that is my problem but the computer so I'm giving myself 30 min in the morning this week and that is it.   I''m turning the computer off now, goodbye.

Daily Visitors

We've had some visitors in our yard the last couple days.

The girls have really enjoyed watching the deer out the window.  Yesterday afternoon Luca was going outside to look for the "reindeer".

I really like to see them too,

as long as they only eat the grass and stay out of my garden.

Any ideas on keeping deer away from my garden?  
and especially  keeping them from eating my saskatoons.

Parking in the Garage

Finally, the time has come....

We are parking in the garage!  I had hoped to be parking in the garage this winter but Curt has an order to how things get done and since his order insures that projects get finished and since he's the one doing the work, we do it his way.  28 months after starting the house, 19 months after the cement was poured in the garage and the garage door was installed, and 16 months after moving into the house we are finally parking in the garage!

We've spent the last month moving everything out of the garage and into the shop.  We then drywalled and painted the garage and installed the garage door opener.  I then promptly swept all the nails & screws out of the way and pulled my van in.

Curt then built me an awesome landing coming out of the house and into the garage since the garage is a couple steps down from the house.  My plan is to have our family only come in and out through this door and for the shoes and boots to stay in the garage.  Are you reading this Nollie & Luca, no boots in the house!  I would still like guests to use the front door so if you come for a visit don't feel like you have to come around to the back.  The stair coming off the landing is at an angle so that if I park too close (like I was in the above photo) we are able get down in front of the van and around on the drivers side.

The landing is complete with two benches and built in shoe racks.  I also have storage under the landing for out of season shoes & boots that perfectly fits some of my Rubbermaid bins.

Curt also built me two sets of shelves to store our camping and sports equipment and I'm quickly filling them up.  Next will be getting the bins for garbage, recycling, bottle depot & compost set up so that I can reach them all right off the landing.  I also want to put some coat hooks on the wall by the landing and hang so sports equipment up on the walls.  Ahh, I love it, so exciting to see things getting finished and organized.


Today I am thankful
  • Thankful for my LIFE.
  • Thankful for an able BODY.
  • Thankful for 3 wonderful PREGNANCIES and 3 easy LABOURS that gave me 3 HEALTHY BABIES.
  • Thankful for THREE KIDS to drive me CRAZY.
  • Thankful to be able to STAY HOME with my kids every day.
  • Thankful for my PATIENCE to help me get through the day.
  • Thankful for a HUSBAND that is home every night.
  • Thankful for the JOB that keeps my husband every day.
  • Thankful to live so close to my EXTENDED FAMILIES.
  • Thankful for HOLIDAYS that allow us to get together.
  • Thankful to HAVE that mountain of CLOTHES that I have to wash.
  • Thankful to have pantries & freezers full of FOOD for our bellies.
  • Thankful to be able to AFFORD more food.
  • Thankful for a MOSTLY FINISHED HOUSE to keep us warm.
  • Thankful for the beautiful VIEWS out our windows.
  • Thankful for the annoying CAT that eats the mice.
  • Thankful for a DOG that barks all night to keep the deer from eating my garden.
  • Thankful for TWO vehicles to get us where we need to go.
  • Thankful for a GARAGE to keep our vehicles.
  • Thankful for a SHOP full of TOOLS to build.
  • Thankful to OWN all the THINGS that clutter our house.
  • Thankful for the ability TO LEARN.
  • Thankful for the opportunity to CREATE.
  • Thankful for FRIENDS to visit with.
  • Thankful to be with my girls EVERY DAY and NIGHT.
  • Thankful for the CHOICES I made to allow me this life.
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