Parking in the Garage

Finally, the time has come....

We are parking in the garage!  I had hoped to be parking in the garage this winter but Curt has an order to how things get done and since his order insures that projects get finished and since he's the one doing the work, we do it his way.  28 months after starting the house, 19 months after the cement was poured in the garage and the garage door was installed, and 16 months after moving into the house we are finally parking in the garage!

We've spent the last month moving everything out of the garage and into the shop.  We then drywalled and painted the garage and installed the garage door opener.  I then promptly swept all the nails & screws out of the way and pulled my van in.

Curt then built me an awesome landing coming out of the house and into the garage since the garage is a couple steps down from the house.  My plan is to have our family only come in and out through this door and for the shoes and boots to stay in the garage.  Are you reading this Nollie & Luca, no boots in the house!  I would still like guests to use the front door so if you come for a visit don't feel like you have to come around to the back.  The stair coming off the landing is at an angle so that if I park too close (like I was in the above photo) we are able get down in front of the van and around on the drivers side.

The landing is complete with two benches and built in shoe racks.  I also have storage under the landing for out of season shoes & boots that perfectly fits some of my Rubbermaid bins.

Curt also built me two sets of shelves to store our camping and sports equipment and I'm quickly filling them up.  Next will be getting the bins for garbage, recycling, bottle depot & compost set up so that I can reach them all right off the landing.  I also want to put some coat hooks on the wall by the landing and hang so sports equipment up on the walls.  Ahh, I love it, so exciting to see things getting finished and organized.
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