Merry Christmas


Waverly is One


Yesterday Waverly enjoyed her first Birthday surrounded by her family.

She grabbed her cake and got right to business

She let her sisters and her cousin help her open and enjoy her presents

Nollie told me Waverly didn't look any bigger, but I think she did.

Happy First Birthday Waverly Jean!

Cindy Lou Who

We watched The Grinch (Jim Carey version) the other day and then thought it would be fun to try doing the girls hair like Cindy Lou Who.

They got a little silly when I was trying to take pictures.

I think Wave was sad she didn't have enough hair to join in.

Nollie's Christmas Embroidery


This is Nollie's first embroidery piece that we have hung on the wall.  Its a tree with no leaves.  When she was done stitching she needed to staple it to a piece of paper, staple garland around the outside and cut off the excess paper & fabric. It was entirely her creation and I love it.
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