So much to do in the spring

I've not posted lately because I've been outside enjoying the weather. My to do list is about 3 pages long and I'm slowly working through it. My garden has been tilled up and I have most of it in. If it drys up enough I should get the last of it in tomorrow. I've been starting plants indoors pruning and edging around trees, fixing flower beds, cutting the lawn and just sitting outside enjoying the weather. We were able to burn the old quansit that blew over rather than hauling all the wood to the dump and we're trying to keep the yard clean from all the garbage the dogs haul into it.

Despite the gloomy weather forecast we decided to go camping this long weekend. We had a good time although it was quite cold in the tent on Friday night, I'm sure it dipped below zero. Getting Nollie to sleep in the tent was a little tricky, all she wanted to do was crawl around and explore not lay down and sleep. Nollie had fun playing in the park and being entertained by all the other kids but she was so excited to get home and be free to just crawl around and play, too much time in the stroller.

Nollie has decided that she is brave enough to start taking steps. So far it's only been one step and then she falls over but I know it won't be long. Se kept trying several times last night just letting go of the couch and taking a step. We got 3 new kittens a little while ago. We are hoping to get Rufis trained so that he doesn't get them. He's much better now than with the last batch but I know that if they were running free he would snap them up. Curt's been busy working on his lawn tractor. He and a couple other guys decided that their project for the summer would be to fix up and race old lawn tractors. We've found a use for our corals as they will become the new race track for the tractors. Curt's been in town several nights a week working on the tractors and they've been out here to try them out once. So life has been pretty busy and entertaining around the ranch lately. Oh and this baby moves around like crazy, always flipping around in my belly. Hope you're enjoying your spring time.
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