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Flowers, Not in My House


I've been babysitting some plants for the last couple weeks.  They were flowering plants that were just about ready to bloom when I got them.  I would get to enjoy the flowers while they were living at my house, or so I thought.  Getting these plants made me remember that I had two pots of bulbs that I had forgotten from last spring and new plants were starting to poke through the dirt.  Four pots in my kitchen growing and blooming.  All of this organic life just had me feeling giddy.  I love to see plants grow and flowers bloom, it was wonderful, just what you need in dreary January.   I started thinking to myself, "I will have to get some more spring potted plants", "I should keep flowers in my house all the time", "I love spring", "I love new plants".  Then it happened, and all the fun was over. Curt's allergies kicked in.  I knew it was coming, I even apologized the week before to him for what was coming.  Curt's allergies are not just a runny nose, itchy eyes, although I'm sure that's part of it, he gets irritable, grouchy, snappy and everyone pays.  Finally he said the flowers have to go and I agreed, I wanted regular Curt back.  "You can have flowers outside."  Boo for me!  So I cut the big perfectly blooming flowers off and threw them outside.  Then I moved all the flowering plants to the basement window to live with the forgotten pumpkins, dead flies and rotting tomatoes.  So sad.

Maybe I could get some pictures of flowers to put up in my house since looking at the snow on the ground I know it is still a long wait before I can enjoy some outdoor flowers.

X-Country Skiing

This weekend we went down to the DV ski trails.  A guy Curt knows has been bugging him to come and check them out so with the beautiful weather we thought, lets go!

We did not get to ski as a family of course.  Two people who have not skied in a long time, one of which just had a baby, pulling 3 kids, on their first outing, not going to happen.  We did get to check out some of the equipment that is available if we want to pull our kids at a later date and Luca got a ride in the sled behind a more experienced skier.  There was a chalet at the trails and a camp fire going so while one of us went for a ski the other stayed back with the kids and kept them entertained.  I felt so great after my short ski.  Something about getting some exercise outside on a beautiful sunny day is exhilarating.

We had a set of kids boots and skis that Grandma B had managed to round up earlier this year and Nollie was excited to try them out.  She was able to move around quite well and could even get up by herself when she fell.

When Luca saw Nollie trying them she needed to as well.  "I want to skate, I want to skate".  I put the boots and skis on her and she just took off without any instruction or coaching.  Nollie walked beside her instructing her to swing her arms and helping her up when she fell.

Waverly stayed happily strapped to my chest (or Curt's while I was skiing). 

We had a great time at the trails and I know we will be going back again (actually, Curtis already has)

New Years Resolutions

Its no surprise that the topic of discussion the last week in the blog world has been that of New Years Resolutions.  I like the idea of a New Years Resolution, making a commitment to better yourself, but I never really feel all that motivated to make a big change right after the holiday season.  Sometimes I make a list of things to improve on but it is always half-hearted and with no real plan of action or commitment to back it up.  We should really be making small improvements all throughout the year but setting a whole number of goals all at once just feels so satisfying.   Maybe I could do as Se7en suggests and reflect on all of the positive I'm already doing resolve to do more of the same.  This sounds good but there are no lists, no planning, no change.  Yesterday I was reading an article on and it made perfect sense to me.  Winter is not the time for making any big changes, Spring is the time for action.  I would like to spend the remainder of the winter reflecting on the last year and planning, setting goals for the remainder of the year.  Then in the spring when I feel that burst of energy I will be ready to take on these goals and have a plan ready to do so.  Spring is my fresh start, I feel it every year.  So for this year I resolve to plan for Spring, besides planning is my favorite part.

In the mean time I'm enjoying reading Mandi's 31 Days of Organizing For a Better 2010 series on Organizing You Way.  Nearly all of the resolutions she touches on are on my list.

31 Days of Organizing for a Better 2010

Wavy J


Miss Waverly Jean has been with us for nearly two weeks now.  Its funny how quickly your life adjusts and it just seems like the new addition is supposed to be there and everything is right.

Waverly was born December 23, 2009 at 1:45pm after an induction start and a quick labour.  She was our lightest baby yet weighing 8lb 6oz and longest at 53cm.  She has reddish hair, long fingers and toes, a slender face and long skinny legs.

We got out of the hospital on Christmas Eve and I had just enough of an adrenaline rush/Baby High to get me through the three days of Christmas.  We took it easy this year only going to one dinner each day and missing two big family get-togethers.  Even this may have been too much since after Boxing Day I shut down and basically slept for two days.  I've been lucky enough to have Curt home for two weeks which has been a great help.

The girls adore Wavy.  They will lay beside her and tell her stories.  Luca especially asks to hold her, help change her and if she can touch her gently.

We are all doing well and we're very excited to have a trio of little girls.

Happy New Year!
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