X-Country Skiing

This weekend we went down to the DV ski trails.  A guy Curt knows has been bugging him to come and check them out so with the beautiful weather we thought, lets go!

We did not get to ski as a family of course.  Two people who have not skied in a long time, one of which just had a baby, pulling 3 kids, on their first outing, not going to happen.  We did get to check out some of the equipment that is available if we want to pull our kids at a later date and Luca got a ride in the sled behind a more experienced skier.  There was a chalet at the trails and a camp fire going so while one of us went for a ski the other stayed back with the kids and kept them entertained.  I felt so great after my short ski.  Something about getting some exercise outside on a beautiful sunny day is exhilarating.

We had a set of kids boots and skis that Grandma B had managed to round up earlier this year and Nollie was excited to try them out.  She was able to move around quite well and could even get up by herself when she fell.

When Luca saw Nollie trying them she needed to as well.  "I want to skate, I want to skate".  I put the boots and skis on her and she just took off without any instruction or coaching.  Nollie walked beside her instructing her to swing her arms and helping her up when she fell.

Waverly stayed happily strapped to my chest (or Curt's while I was skiing). 

We had a great time at the trails and I know we will be going back again (actually, Curtis already has)


Anonymous said...

Nollie is starting to look so grown up!


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

What fun! Makes me want to find out if there are cross-country skiing trails in our area. I've never been skiing at all, but this seems like a great way to get exercise in the wintertime!

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