New Years Resolutions

Its no surprise that the topic of discussion the last week in the blog world has been that of New Years Resolutions.  I like the idea of a New Years Resolution, making a commitment to better yourself, but I never really feel all that motivated to make a big change right after the holiday season.  Sometimes I make a list of things to improve on but it is always half-hearted and with no real plan of action or commitment to back it up.  We should really be making small improvements all throughout the year but setting a whole number of goals all at once just feels so satisfying.   Maybe I could do as Se7en suggests and reflect on all of the positive I'm already doing resolve to do more of the same.  This sounds good but there are no lists, no planning, no change.  Yesterday I was reading an article on and it made perfect sense to me.  Winter is not the time for making any big changes, Spring is the time for action.  I would like to spend the remainder of the winter reflecting on the last year and planning, setting goals for the remainder of the year.  Then in the spring when I feel that burst of energy I will be ready to take on these goals and have a plan ready to do so.  Spring is my fresh start, I feel it every year.  So for this year I resolve to plan for Spring, besides planning is my favorite part.

In the mean time I'm enjoying reading Mandi's 31 Days of Organizing For a Better 2010 series on Organizing You Way.  Nearly all of the resolutions she touches on are on my list.

31 Days of Organizing for a Better 2010


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