When You Can't Cut, You Tape

Nollie came in the kitchen yesterday to find me cutting fabric on the island. I've been cutting little squares out of my fabric scraps to potentially make a quilt.  "Can I cut some fabric for the dress you are going to make me tomorrow"  She has been bugging me about making her a dress for quite some time.  "Sure" I say handing her my bag of scraps, hoping that this will hold her off from asking me to make her dress right now.  She takes it to the table and gets some scissors from the drawer.  "I need some cardboard too"  She says.  I bring her a old flattened cereal box from our craft supplies.  She looks at me with a bit of disgust "Not that kind of cardboard, the kind that is the colour of cardboard."  So I cut the front panel off the box and hand it to her with the inside up so she can see the "cardboard colour", she seems satisfied.  I watch her as she lays a piece of fabric down and puts the cardboard on top like I do with my quilting ruler and tries to cut along the straight edge.  My heart nearly melts, she has been watching me enough to know how it works, so cute!  I go back to the island and continue my cutting and before long I hear her cry out in frustration "Its not working!  The scissors wont' cut the fabric"  I knew that was coming, her scissors are not sharp enough to cut fabric.  "Can I use your knife?"  (my rotary cutter that I am using right now), um no and no, 4 year olds don't need a round blade on a stick, it is too sharp, I'm using it right now and it is MINE!  So I say "No Nollie, it's too sharp."  "But, my scissors aren't working and I need to cut some fabric for the dress you are going to make me tomorrow."  "I'm sorry but, no you can't use my cutter".  Meanwhile Luca is running around trying to save the day and get Nollie a knife from the utensil drawer, a butter knife, no not sharp enough, a steak knife.  Nollie didn't appreciate her thoughtfulness.  She sits for a bit and then says "I need some tape."  "Sure" I reply and she goes to get some tape from her craft cupboard.  I start firing out suggestions, thinking about how taping fabric may also not work.  "You know, you can do something completely different, you can glue some of the fabric scraps onto the cardboard to make a collage."  I get the disgusted look again from her "I need tape."  Ok, fair enough and I just let her be.  I came back later to find this:

 I sat down to watch and she asked me to help.  She gave me pieces of tape and told me exactly where to put them and when we were finished we had these:

They are pieces for her dress we are going to make tomorrow....

Waverly's Fist Movement

I put Waverly on the potty yesterday and came back to find she had pushed herself backwards into my closet.  I guess you can say she's moving around.

Lobster and Cleaning

Since Curt & I were not together for our for our 6th anniversary this weekend he arranged for the two elder ones (W is still with me) to go to Grandma & Grandpas for the night.  He took the following day off as his day in lieu of working the weekend and told me the evening and the next day were mine to decide what to do with.  Dinner, a movie, shopping in the city the next day, I was to make the plans.  I didn't need a shopping trip in the city, nor did I want to spend unnecessary money so I nixed that one.  The movies playing in town were all low scorers on Rotten Tomatoes (my one and only movie guide) so that was out and a movie in the city would mean a 8 month old tag along which I didn't think would work so well.  Dinner out would be nice but I hate going out and spending money and then being disappointed with the meal knowing I could have made something better at home, so that option wasn't really jumping out at me either.  What would you choose?

The decision .... dinner at home, made by the two of us together, something different that we hadn't cooked before and for the next day cleaning and organizing around the house, not working on projects but cleaning and organizing. 

After dropping the girls off and running around town with just one little girl (a treat alone) I got home tidied up the house including cleaning off the island top (something we rarely see cleared). I even went and cut some fresh flowers from my garden to put on display (something I never do). We enjoyed a glass of wine,  spanakopita as an appetizer, lobster tails (2 each) for the main and cheesecake for dessert.  We followed it all up with a movie and some more wine on our own couch.  It was lovely!

The next day we cleaned & organized the girls room, the back entry, the garage and part of the shop before going to pick up the girls. How can it look like they have grown only overnight!

Happy 6 years to us!
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