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The Garage Sale

Danna & I had our garage sale this weekend.

  • I haven't eaten lunch or dinner at home since Wednesday.
  • My house is a dissaster (not too unusual but I'll blame it on the garage sale)
  • It was so much work for the set-up and pricing everything
  • I am still exhausted
  • The weather was beautiful this weekend
  • Danna & I enjoyed the quiet moments where we could sit outside in the old furnature that was for sale and drink our coffee or eat our lunch in the sunshine while the kids were elsewhere with their Dads or Grandparents, peacefull.
  • The traffic came in spurts, it wasn't constant.
  • Everyone that came by commented on the ridiculous amount of stuff that was there "is this all your stuff" "um, not completely but, yes".  It almost got embarrassing, we wanted to say "oh no, this is an 8 family garage sale, this is just our shift working it"
  • I enjoyed watching the seasoned garage sale shoppers come through, they noticed everything and found some interesting treasures.
  • The things you expect to go don't and the things you think no one would ever buy, someone does.
  • I sold 3 old textbooks for $2 each, you can't give those things away.  My advice to anyone in school, sell your textbooks as soon as you are done when they are worth something.  As much as you think you will, you will never look at them again, you will just move the rediculously heavy boxes 5 or 6 times and then when you realize you havn't looked at them once in 7 years, they will be worth nothing and you paid $100-$200 a piece.
  • As time went on some prices got reduced and more items got moved to the Free bin.
  • We tried really hard not to pick through and keep any of eachother's or even our own stuff.
  • We basically decided that at the end there were a few of things that we may take if they don't sell. 
  • Every time we said we were going to keep an item, it sold
  • So we tried saying we were going to keep everything, but it didn't work
  • We made over $400 combined.
  • There is so much stuff left you probably wouldn't think we sold anything
  • We're going to open the doors again in a couple of weeks and give it another go, it's all set up already anyways
  • Believe it or not we've both got more to add
  • Prices will be slashed

Another Weekly Update

  • We finally called for our final electrical inspection and other than a couple small things to fix up that is complete.
  • 94%.  That's what the bank says we are right now, they can't just give us the extra 3% so we can close our effin mortgage.  Friday was not a good day when we heard this and we were about ready to just quit everything.  Still a touchy subject in this house.
  • Curt got his first golf game of the year in and the girls and I got to visit with friends.  This helped us not to think about the above on Saturday.
  • We enjoyed a beautiful Saturday & Sunday working outside in the yard.
  • We got our lawn all seeded Sunday just before it started to rain & snow.
  • We took a giant, double load of garbage to the dump, including the crate of garbage that has been in our back yard since fall.
  • What would May long be without snow.

  • The snow allowed us to burn the growing pile of scrap wood in our back yard.
  • Curtis told me to look the other way while he threw a number of items I would not normally allow him to burn on the fire.  Although I didn't like the pumes of black smoke I was relived to see the stuff go.
  • We spent Sunday evening and Monday organizing and sorting through the garage and basement.  It is so nice to have all the tools in one place, why couldn't we have done this earlier.  Now maybe we will be able to find what we are looking for.
  • I'm busy prepping for our garage sale this weekend, so much to do for tomorrow.
  • The basement is looking really good, I'm finally getting somewhere, much better than this.  I'll try to post some photos next week when I finish getting it cleaned up and all the garage sale stuff is out of there.
  • I had my first shower in our bathroom since we finally got the shower fixture installed.
  • Of course the girls are doing great, they play together so well and they love to be outside.  The snow, wind, rain it doesn't bother them, just let them out the door.  By the end of the day they are grubby, grubby, grubby, but I know they had fun.

10 Randoms From the Week

  1. I've been keeping my window open a crack at all times so that I can hear the birds singing.  Oh I love spring.
  2. Curt has been busy in the skid steer every night moving dirt around the yard.  Landscaping has begun.  At this point I don't hear birds singing but more of a grumble, brum, brum, beep, beep, beep.
  3. I have a gigantic pile of beautiful back dirt waiting to become a garden, really it is massive.  I am getting excited!
  4. I did my first double trip to the grocery store on coupon day.  Two $100 trips saved me $30. One $200 trip would have only saved me $15.
  5. I have now brought out the sunscreen & hats since all 4 of us got too much sun this weekend.  My poor red head girl got it the worst with little red cheeks, arms & part line on her head.
  6. Nollie has a Dr. apt today late in the afternoon.  I am hoping for less than 2 hours in the Dr office with 2 girls, yikes.
  7. We've been going swimming every Thursday evening with the girls, they are both getting much more comfortable in the water.  Anyone in the area is welcome to join us starting around 7 or 7:30.
  8. I've put nearly all the toys away in our house (well at least half) because I got tired of cleaning it all up or "hearing its too much for me to clean up myself".  No one has missed anything that I put away.
  9. "Bead Dat Me" (read that to me) are the words that I hear most from Luca.  With a close second going to "Nose Bunnin" (nose running).
  10. Lots of time spent outside in the sandbox enjoying the warmer weather.

Ladybug Craft

Here's a simple little craft that I did with the girls the other day at home.

On white paper draw a large oval with a line down the middle using a felt marker. Cut out a half circle for the ladybugs head and a bunch of small circles from black construction paper. Have the child glue on the head and spots onto the lady bug. You could also use black stickers if you have some.

While they are busy gluing place corn syrup into a container and mix in a couple drops of red food colouring.

Let the kids paint away with the coloured corn syrup.

Finished Products.

The corn syrup will give the pictures a shiny textured look when it dries. These take a long time to dry completely, I would recommend leaving them for atleast 24 hours before touching the painted areas.

Complete Tiling, Check

Curt had Friday off of work and we were able to knock one more item of the to-do list, a big one that's been lagging on and on and on.  The tiling.  We tiled the backsplashes in the laundry, kitchen & en-suite, around the jet tub and then grouted everything including the shower in the en-suite. 

Also this week Curt installed the last 3 sinks and toilet, finished up some behind the scenes plumbing work that the inspector wasn't happy with and started installing closet doors.  Curt seems to have gotten his drive back, I'm quite sure mine is still missing but since he's working, I'm working.    The progress means:
  • I get to return my parents tile saw that I've been borrowing since tiling began in November
  • All of the tools were moved out of the house, into the garage
  • Less chance of sleeping on sand.  All of the grit from an unfinished ensuite woud get tracked into our bedroom and it was the last thing we stepped on before getting into bed.  Clean sheets didn't last one day.
  • I had my first bath in the jet tub since we finished the main bath in February, wonderful!
  • We get to close our plumbing permit
  • I now have 5 sinks & 3 toilets to clean.  Who's idea was this?
  • Only trim & closets to finish on the main level, plus lots of touch-up painting and a few other things I'm sure.
  • Let the outside work begin.  Cleanup, landscaping, gardening, decks.
  • 97% done????  We will see in the next couple weeks.  Show me the money.
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