10 Randoms From the Week

  1. I've been keeping my window open a crack at all times so that I can hear the birds singing.  Oh I love spring.
  2. Curt has been busy in the skid steer every night moving dirt around the yard.  Landscaping has begun.  At this point I don't hear birds singing but more of a grumble, brum, brum, beep, beep, beep.
  3. I have a gigantic pile of beautiful back dirt waiting to become a garden, really it is massive.  I am getting excited!
  4. I did my first double trip to the grocery store on coupon day.  Two $100 trips saved me $30. One $200 trip would have only saved me $15.
  5. I have now brought out the sunscreen & hats since all 4 of us got too much sun this weekend.  My poor red head girl got it the worst with little red cheeks, arms & part line on her head.
  6. Nollie has a Dr. apt today late in the afternoon.  I am hoping for less than 2 hours in the Dr office with 2 girls, yikes.
  7. We've been going swimming every Thursday evening with the girls, they are both getting much more comfortable in the water.  Anyone in the area is welcome to join us starting around 7 or 7:30.
  8. I've put nearly all the toys away in our house (well at least half) because I got tired of cleaning it all up or "hearing its too much for me to clean up myself".  No one has missed anything that I put away.
  9. "Bead Dat Me" (read that to me) are the words that I hear most from Luca.  With a close second going to "Nose Bunnin" (nose running).
  10. Lots of time spent outside in the sandbox enjoying the warmer weather.


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