Happy 2nd to Luca


Today my baby, soon to be middle child is celebrating her 2nd Birthday.

 Born October 20th, 2007 at 3:30am

Luca likes to ride her "gike" (bike)

Luca is showing a very compassionate side and will jump off her bike to help Nollie if Nollie falls on hers or is quick to give a hug or kiss to Nollie when she is sad.


Luca loves to play with water, the spray bottle, the water cooler, climbing onto the counter & playing in the sink and of course she likes to go "bimin" (swimming).

 Luca is always up for whatever you offer, if you say we're going somewhere she has her coat on and is waiting at the door (quite the opposite from her older sister)

Luca has been practicing her 2 year old authoritative "NO" and and is completely ready.
She is also ready for the 2 year old out of control fits.

Happy Birthday to my Luca

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