Happy 3rd Birthday Luca!

Luca had a wonderful Birthday yesterday.  She was so excited to be THREE!  The first thing she asked when she woke up (after "am I three") was "can we eat the cake now" which she continued to ask all day.  She sang Happy Birthday to You to herself all day as well.  When we had an hour to kill in town and I asked her what she wanted to do she said with out a doubt "go to the pet store" and so we did  and the animal she wanted to see most was the big spider.

We had the Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins over for supper and cake.  Luca did a wonderful job of sharing all the birthday duties such as opening her birthday presents and blowing out the candles with her sister and cousins.  It was a great day!

Luca at three years old...

Her favorite shirt is her soccer shirt (below) that my mom brought back from Italy.  She wears that blue jersey every week, sometimes more.  If she is not wearing that she is likely wearing a dress.

Luca has sensitive eyes and I have to be sure to have sunglasses with me at all times.  She has even requested sunglasses while sitting inside with the sun shining through the window.
Luca is a little helper, especially for Nollie, if Nollie is supposed to do something and isn't doing it Luca will come to the rescue and do it for her.

Luca is also a fighter and her temper tantrums can last especially the "I can do it" kind.

Luca loves to play catch and is good at the catch and the throw.

Luca is afraid of spiders but I'm impressed with her desire to face her fears by always looking at the big ones in the pet store.

 Luca is the egg cracker in our house.  She loves to crack the eggs when we are baking.  Although it may look unconventional and she gets messy fingers I actually have to pick less shells out of her eggs than I do my own.

Luca's job before we go anywhere is to fill the water bottles, such a big help.  I can get alot of running around done while she is standing at the cooler filling them.

Luca asks for a "May-Sa-Geen" (Magazine) every time we are in the van.  I don't correct her 'cause it sounds so cute and I know a day will come when it will just be Magazine and not May-Sa-Geen.

Luca loves her blanky and although she doesn't carry it with her everywhere if she is upset or tired she will request it.

 Happy Birthday to my first little red head, Luca!!!

Straight Hair

I got my hair cut yesterday and in the process she straightened it.  My hair actually felt longer after the haircut. I thought I'd show a photo 'cause you know I won't take the time to straighten it again myself. 

Styrofoam Balls & Pipecleaners

The girls found a bag of Styrofoam balls in the craft supplies this weekend.  They opened them up and weren't sure what to do with them.  After watching them attempt to cut the balls and seeing there scissors slide off I suggested they use pipe cleaners to stab into the Styrofoam.  They were delighted and it kept them busy for probably an hour making creations.

Waverly at 10 Months

Ten Months, that is crazy to think about, so close to a year.  Waverly is generally a happy, content little girl.  She sits on the floor with her basket of toys and plays.  She scooches around a bit but has no interest in crawling or doing any serious movement.  I set her on the floor in the room with us and she plays until she has to pee, has peed or wants a drink.  She has some of her pees and poops on the potty and is happy when I let her do so.  Don't get me wrong I still have a full diaper pail a few times a week but we catch some.  She has been working on going from 2 teeth to 8 teeth in the last month so she has requested a little extra attention but still pretty easy.

She mostly is drinking mama's milk still.  She samples some food if she is awake when we are eating but isn't eating meals yet.  She wasn't a fan of mush so I just didn't worry about it and we went right to food a little later.  She sleeps with Curt & I in her crib that is attached to our bed.  She  naps twice a day, no set  schedule just generally once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  I can just tell when she is tired.

She loves to blow raspberries and has for a couple months now.  She like s to pucker her lips and make kiss noises, she does "so big" by putting her arms in the air and claps her had patty cake.  She likes to explore new toys and books and loves to be with her sisters.  She has recently started dancing by bopping up and down when she hears music playing.  She says "dadadada...", "yayayaya..." and "babababa..."  and makes gurglly chubaka noises.  She loves baths and swimming and will just kick the whole time.  Really there is not much she doesn't like. 

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