The movement has begun in our house, I guess I'll have to babyproof soon. Last night Nollie scooched on her back from one end or the living room to the other (lengthways). In less than an hour, wearing only her diaper she would lift into a bridge & push herself back, arms flailing and giggling along the way. Stopping every few minutes to chew on the toy she was carrying along for the ride. I had to redirect her a few times when she ran into the couch. She'll have the hair on the back of her head burnt off in no time.


Sorry I haven't posted in so long. My Grandma Graves came down to visit us for a few days this week. It was really great to have her here, we had a nice visit. We now have one day alone and then Grandma & Grandpa Buchan are coming to visit. Busy week. We sure enjoy having visitors here on the ranch.

Here's another picture that Sandra took, aren't fall photos the best.

A need for supervision

Curtis said last night that maybe I should only be allowed internet time under his supervision. Oops, I guess I said "I ordered" or "I'm thinking of ordering" a few too many times. Durring his weekend away I spent alot of time on the internet researching and ordering a few items. Photos, Fabric, Patterns, Magazines, Diapers. That is not even the things I looked at and didn't order; cute bags, childrens clothes, more fabric, more patterns. So much for the money I made selling on e-bay, I've now spent more than double. I guess I'll have to find a few more things to sell in order to pay for this shopping spree.

Girls Weekend

Well Curt has gone out of town for the weekend. Gone to Calgary to do a paint job on a car. So Nollie and I are home together for the weekend. Really not much different than your average weekday. Looking forward to skreeches, giggles and fun together.



Along with squeeling and skreeching Nollie also started sucking her thumb this last weekend. It looks too cute and she does it when she's tired to put herself to sleep. Good? or bad? I don't know, but if you pull it out she just puts it back in. Oh well, not many 20 year old girls that suck their thumb.

We also got our new carseat last weekend, here's Nollie trying it out. We are going to continue to use the bucket for a little while but she'll be out of it soon at 16 lb 6 oz. What a big girl.

Not so quiet anymore

Nollie started squeeling this last weekend and talking alot more. It makes me smile to hear it.

No one likes winter

For anyone that didn't notice my poll the last few weeks was about favorite seasons. Aparently no one likes winter. Why is it that we live in Canada then? 70% like summer best, 10% fall and 20% spring. I'm in the spring category, I love to see everything come alive after the cold winter.

We cleaned our garage out this weekend. Now we can get out of both sides of the car when it's parked in there and the stroller does not have to sit directly in front of the door so you have to walk around it to get outside. It looks so pretty, I might just have to go sit in there and enjoy it.



Well I told you I'd update you when I actually sold something and the day has come. I sold one book on amazon and a bunch of videos on e-bay so I spent much of yesterday morning trying to figure out how to collect payment and pack up and ship the items properly. It's kind of like taking the bottles in to the depot, I only made about $20 for all the work. However I got rid of some junk and most importantly learned how to sell using these two venues.

Here's some photo's from the ranch.

A quiet ride home

What a good (and busy) weekend. We got a chance to visit our families and it was great to see everyone. We ran all over the place and ate like crazy, as we do at all family gatherings. These weekends can be tough on a little girl though, being out of her routine. I learned that I need to take Nollie to lay down and sleep even though there's lots of going on. She's not very happy when she hasn't slept all day and she won't necessarily just fall asleep when she's tired with all the action around her like she will at home when it's quiet. We had the best drive home yet though, she was so exhausted that she slept the whole way, all three and a half hours.


Last night as Curt & I were eating supper we heard a funny sound. I looked out my window and there were geese flying right over our house. Not just one or two v's of geese but thousands all at once and really low. Of course we didn't grab the camera quick enough to capture this part but we did just stand outside and enjoy it. We then put Nollie in the stroller and went for a walk and we saw where all of these geese were heading. In the field across from us were thousands and thousands of geese stopping for the evening. It was absoulutely unbeleivable to see, amazing and the sound of them was so loud. We could hear them from inside our house until dark. Wow! Pictures can not even start to show what it was like but I will post some when I can get photoshop to work.

New photo

At the request of Jess D. here is a new photo of Nollie.


It's only Tuesday and I'm already very excited for the weekend. We will be going home to visit our families for Thanksgiving. I love holidays. I can't wait to see everyone.

I've added a poll section to my blog, I will try to change it every week. Please check it out.

A weekend around the ranch

It was nice to be at home this weekend. We spent alot of time outside, I was able to get everything out of my garden. The dogs were happy to have company. I also spent alot of time reading, I love to read! Nollie gave me her first real giggle on Saturday, we both just sat and laughed at eachother. It's like a drug though, once you get one you just want more and more so you spend your time acting like an idiot trying to get her to laugh.
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