Girls Weekend

Well Curt has gone out of town for the weekend. Gone to Calgary to do a paint job on a car. So Nollie and I are home together for the weekend. Really not much different than your average weekday. Looking forward to skreeches, giggles and fun together.


Anonymous said...

Hope you and Nollie had fun. It's always nice to be able to stay in your PJs until whenever you want and eat whenever you want- and whatever you want. I imagine Curtis will realize how much he misses you both too. And that's a good thing.
We are waiting for my brother and the two youngest to come out for the day. They have not been here for a while. The older two are both working - Erin at Starbucks and Evan at Boston Pizza. At least the weather has improved. We hope to get some yard work done too since it has been so yucky out and we couldn't get anything done. We also have gravel and dirt to move around the base of the new garage. Busy day!

Anonymous said...

Hope the weekend went great. Miss you!

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