Last night as Curt & I were eating supper we heard a funny sound. I looked out my window and there were geese flying right over our house. Not just one or two v's of geese but thousands all at once and really low. Of course we didn't grab the camera quick enough to capture this part but we did just stand outside and enjoy it. We then put Nollie in the stroller and went for a walk and we saw where all of these geese were heading. In the field across from us were thousands and thousands of geese stopping for the evening. It was absoulutely unbeleivable to see, amazing and the sound of them was so loud. We could hear them from inside our house until dark. Wow! Pictures can not even start to show what it was like but I will post some when I can get photoshop to work.


Anonymous said...

Hey, totally unrelated to your post, but hope you guys have a good thanksgiving weekend with the fam. jess d.

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