A weekend around the ranch

It was nice to be at home this weekend. We spent alot of time outside, I was able to get everything out of my garden. The dogs were happy to have company. I also spent alot of time reading, I love to read! Nollie gave me her first real giggle on Saturday, we both just sat and laughed at eachother. It's like a drug though, once you get one you just want more and more so you spend your time acting like an idiot trying to get her to laugh.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got your garden finished. I started but ran out of steam because digging out the tree roots is more work than just digging potatoes. I know I won't win this fight but I refuse to let those trees get the best of me!!! I was supposed to be working on reports but it was nicer outside. Today, it's reports....( just one little diversion, check out kneebouncers.com for some future fun with Nollie ) Mom B.

Krista said...

Gotta love those firsts...they are so much fun. And the joy of hearing your kids giggle doesn't ever end I don't think. To me, the sounds of Taylor and Grace laughing is one of the greatest sounds in the world.

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