Well I told you I'd update you when I actually sold something and the day has come. I sold one book on amazon and a bunch of videos on e-bay so I spent much of yesterday morning trying to figure out how to collect payment and pack up and ship the items properly. It's kind of like taking the bottles in to the depot, I only made about $20 for all the work. However I got rid of some junk and most importantly learned how to sell using these two venues.

Here's some photo's from the ranch.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS on your sale!!! love the new pics, Nollie looks like she is doing sit ups. The ranch looks beautiful!! talk to you soon

Anonymous said...

Ah, I see Nollie has already figured out it's never too early to start working out. jd.

Anonymous said...

Hey Marci,
Congrats on selling!!! Gotta love ebay and all the other sites huh! Glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving. What is Nollie going as for Halloween - Tigger!!! Too Cute!! Talk to you soon.

michelle said...

congrats on the sales...maybe you can give me lesson in internet sales...have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

From the title and the picture of Nollie, at first glance it looks like you are selling Nollie! Did you have a bad week with her? hahaha just joking. Glad things are going well.

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