No one likes winter

For anyone that didn't notice my poll the last few weeks was about favorite seasons. Aparently no one likes winter. Why is it that we live in Canada then? 70% like summer best, 10% fall and 20% spring. I'm in the spring category, I love to see everything come alive after the cold winter.

We cleaned our garage out this weekend. Now we can get out of both sides of the car when it's parked in there and the stroller does not have to sit directly in front of the door so you have to walk around it to get outside. It looks so pretty, I might just have to go sit in there and enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

We had our share of winter today - it was white on the ground when I got up. Yuck. I still remember the year we had a bad blizzard on Oct. 15th which left a huge drift over our front sidewalk. The guys dug a tunnel under it and had great fun. That was an early start to winter. So every day past Oct. 15th without snow is a gift. Today is Oct. 16th......

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