Along with squeeling and skreeching Nollie also started sucking her thumb this last weekend. It looks too cute and she does it when she's tired to put herself to sleep. Good? or bad? I don't know, but if you pull it out she just puts it back in. Oh well, not many 20 year old girls that suck their thumb.

We also got our new carseat last weekend, here's Nollie trying it out. We are going to continue to use the bucket for a little while but she'll be out of it soon at 16 lb 6 oz. What a big girl.


Anonymous said...

awwwwww , Nollie sucking her thumb is propably the cutest thing, especially the look on her face!! Seeing Nollie grow and change makes me that much more eager to meet our baby, Only about 4 more months!!!!love you and miss all of you, Aunty Courtney

Anonymous said...

Every picture I see, I can't believe how much Nollie is changing. Uncle Jeff was a thumbsucker and he was so easy to travel with - between the blanket and the thumb, he was happy no matter where we were. We did lose the blanket for part of one day though. When he was 2 he quit the thumbsucking all by himself. He didn't like the lump it left on his finger. I don't think he sucks his thumb now....
Grandma B.
P.S. Orange looks good on Nollie. I already call her my little pumpkin!

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