Happy 4th Birthday Luca

 Luca is pink and frilly and rough and tumble all in one.  For her birthday her one request was a pink princess fishing rod and I'm sure when she does go fishing she will wear her most beautiful dress.

She loves earings, necklaces, bracelets, and clips for her hair.  She loves "beautiful" dresses and skirts.  She loves lipstick & nailpollish and everything pink.

On the other hand Luca always has a messy face and never wears shoes outside.  She's not affraid to get dirty and loves catching frogs.

 She is always watching her big sister

and tackle hugging her little sister

Luca is always a helper and you often hear her  say "I can do it"

She is amazing at puzzles and is becoming interested in learning to read

Baby Luca





Happy Birthday to Luca!

A Summer in Review

Well hello there.  I figured since I basically took the summer off of blog writing I would catch you all up a little before I get started again.  So here it is, a summer in review.

  •  Curt celebrated his 31st Birthday
  • Nollie had her 5th Birthday.

  • I painted our Master Bedroom 

  • We enjoyed both a Martin and a Buchan camp-out.  I love the family get-togethers
  • We enjoyed a free outdoor yoga & nature class for kids
  • Luca won a new bike at the County Fair
  •  We took part in a weekly library camp 
  • We went to the farmers market
  • We played in the mud 
  • We took our first two week holiday as a family
  •  We went to a friend's wedding
  • We went camping
Babies who scootch on their butt get really dirty when camping
  • Visited Grandma & Papa Hutch
  • Spent a week at Buchan's condo
  • Played on Grandpa's boat
  •  Both girls learned to ride a two wheeler
  •  Wavy practiced her tricks
  •  I played in my garden and made a few new flower beds
  • We planted trees
  • Curt covered the beams and posts on the front deck

  • We painted the railing on the decks....again, I think we're done for a year or two.
  • We (mostly Curt) put in two brick patios, one outside the garage door and one outside the walkout door.
  •  We started homeschooling
  •   Nollie lost her first (and second) tooth..
  •  We had a great summer!
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