Family Photos


We took a few photos this weekend. Likely the last photos of our family of three. I am getting anxious to deliver. It could be any day, or it could be 5 weeks. I've been busy trying to get all the baby clothes washed and organized so that I'm ready to go. Nollie has been so much fun. Her vocabulary is growing every day and she is always attempting new words. And we got an offer on our house in Provost. It's not sold yet but there's an offer, yea!

Nollie Photo Shoot

Here are some new photos of Nollie playing in the yard. Notice the apple in her hand in nearly all of them. Every time we are outside she needs to eat an apple off the tree and they are the perfect size for her.

Our house in Provost is still on the market, but we have an accepted offer on 5 acres of land by the Whitby Hall about 10 miles from town. The land should be ours October 1st or shortly after if everything goes as planned.

Here's a photo of the land from the road (above) and from the back of the property (below)

Only 5 weeks left until baby number 2 is due to arrive so sometime in the next 7 weeks we will have the newest addition to our family. Pretty exciting!
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