We're Moving Home

Yes, that's right, we're moving back to DV. Curtis accepted a purchasing job with Apex while we were away on holidays. Now that we are back in Provost we have a lot of planning and organizing to do. We don't have an exact plan yet but we should be in Drayton before September. Curtis has left his notice here and will work the next 2 weeks, we want to do a little work on our place and then get it on the market to sell, hopefully that goes smoothly. The plan then is to move to Curt's parents, buy some land and build our own house. Yes, we are crazy, but is anyone really surprised by this? So our life right now is full of chaos and excitement. I will be busy organizing, cleaning, packing, doing projects around here, harvesting my garden, planning the purchase and development of land and building of a new house, taking care of Nollie and of course being pregnant. We are both excited to be back close to family, and before the baby is born too.

We had a great holiday, had some really hot weather and some rainy weather. Nollie traveled pretty well for a 1 year old that just wants to move all over the place. We tried to travel at night so that she would sleep. While we were away she perfected getting off the couch or bed backwards, she decided that she is now a walker, started saying more words, up, hot etc. and she has started grunting uh, uh, uh when she wants something. This is a little annoying but how else does she have to communicate? I'm trying to give her words to use (up and help) but it's not always easy and I don't always know what she wants. She enjoyed playing in the shallow water and sand at the beach but got scared and clung really tight if I held her in the deeper water. She wasn't too fond of her life jacket but I think she realized that she had to have it on in the boat because she didn't complain so much after a little while. Curt got lots of wake boarding and surfing in and I got to so swimming. Vacationing with family is great, with so many people to watch and entertain Nollie it actually felt like a break for me. Curt & I even took one night to go out for supper alone.

And, we caught the mouse while we were away, hopefully that is the only one, I haven't seen any signs of another.

A Mouse In The House

That's right, we have a mouse, the first on in the house in almost 2 years of living here. Monday I thought I saw a streak move across the kitchen, I passed it off as my imagination. Tuesday there was mouse poop on the counter, I guess he liked the leftover cake sitting out. I went to town that day and got some traps and poison. Last night we were watching a movie and it was running across the living room. We brought the cats into the house but no luck there, they just wanted to run around and play with eachother. Hopefully something works soon, it's kind-of grossing me out. I've been cleaning up like crazy both to get rid of the mouse poop and to get rid of any crumbs that it may be feasting on. I won't worry about it too much though, we're leaving on holidays tomorrow and that's way more exciting to think about.

Where is our happy little girl?

Curt & I have been wondering this last week where our happy little girl has gone. Nollie normally has a great big smile on her face, will play happily alone, eats well, and is easy going. This last week she has been needy, crabby, sensitive not eating much and crying all the time. She is working on her eye teeth and her molars all at the same time here so I'm assuming that is what's bothering her. I have tried out the teething tablets (thanks Michelle) and they do seen to help. I find myself counting down until nap time so I can have a break. It's made us realize how lucky we have been with Nollie and makes us worry how we will cope if we get a high needs, sensitive baby (if you have enough kids you're likely to get at least one.) For now we're just giving her lots of cuddles and lots of attention and crossing our fingers that it will pass before we go on vacation in a couple weeks.

On a more positive note this long weekend we had amazing weather. It was the first weekend in a long time that both Curt & I were home and didn't have other plans. Curt was on call, so we had to stick around but that worked well for us. We were able to get a few things done around the ranch that we've been meaning to do. Curt got a chance to work on his bike. He bought this motorbike about 3 years ago and has been taking it all apart, fixing it up and putting it back together. We got all the grass cut and got the weeds sprayed. Our driveway was starting to look like part of our lawn with the amount of weeds growing in it. I did some weeding in the garden (this is endless, I feel like I mention it every post), with the heat and Nollie this is a slow process. We even took a break to go to the lake for a swim. It was Curt's Birthday on Friday so Happy 27th Birthday to him.

The previous weekend was a busy one for us. It was the "Smash & Splash" in town (monster trucks, mud bogs, etc). This is the town's big event and also the place that Curt's Lawn Tractor races were to take place. On Friday we went to a free BBQ put on by the town, watched some mud bogs, Nollie saw her first Fireworks. It was a late night since the Lawn Tractor races were not until after midnight. The races were well worth the wait, the whole crowd loved them. I wish I would have video taped them but I thought it would be too dark to really capture it. Mud bogs is not a great place for an little girl to sleep but she finally did at about 11:30, much past her bedtime. Saturday Morning we had a pancake breakfast & then Curt was driving his Lawn Tractor in the Parade. After the parade we rushed out of town and drove out to the DV area. My grandparents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. We got to join in the celebration and spend a bunch of time with family. The slide show that I prepared for them went off without a hitch. More family time the next day and Curt took an extra day off work so that we could go visit with his parents. It was great to finally get out to see everyone.

So that's what's been happening in our life lately. Baby number two is doing well and I am enjoying all the kicks. I am now 26 weeks, almost in my 3rd trimester and feeling great.
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