A Mouse In The House

That's right, we have a mouse, the first on in the house in almost 2 years of living here. Monday I thought I saw a streak move across the kitchen, I passed it off as my imagination. Tuesday there was mouse poop on the counter, I guess he liked the leftover cake sitting out. I went to town that day and got some traps and poison. Last night we were watching a movie and it was running across the living room. We brought the cats into the house but no luck there, they just wanted to run around and play with eachother. Hopefully something works soon, it's kind-of grossing me out. I've been cleaning up like crazy both to get rid of the mouse poop and to get rid of any crumbs that it may be feasting on. I won't worry about it too much though, we're leaving on holidays tomorrow and that's way more exciting to think about.


Anonymous said...

Have fun on your holidays! Hope happy Nollie has returned by this point, love j dels.

Anonymous said...

this is my biggest fear when we move to the farm...I'm pretrified of the little creatures. They are so creepy, crawly. Hope the mouse goes away soon...hope that your holidays go well too.

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