We're Moving Home

Yes, that's right, we're moving back to DV. Curtis accepted a purchasing job with Apex while we were away on holidays. Now that we are back in Provost we have a lot of planning and organizing to do. We don't have an exact plan yet but we should be in Drayton before September. Curtis has left his notice here and will work the next 2 weeks, we want to do a little work on our place and then get it on the market to sell, hopefully that goes smoothly. The plan then is to move to Curt's parents, buy some land and build our own house. Yes, we are crazy, but is anyone really surprised by this? So our life right now is full of chaos and excitement. I will be busy organizing, cleaning, packing, doing projects around here, harvesting my garden, planning the purchase and development of land and building of a new house, taking care of Nollie and of course being pregnant. We are both excited to be back close to family, and before the baby is born too.

We had a great holiday, had some really hot weather and some rainy weather. Nollie traveled pretty well for a 1 year old that just wants to move all over the place. We tried to travel at night so that she would sleep. While we were away she perfected getting off the couch or bed backwards, she decided that she is now a walker, started saying more words, up, hot etc. and she has started grunting uh, uh, uh when she wants something. This is a little annoying but how else does she have to communicate? I'm trying to give her words to use (up and help) but it's not always easy and I don't always know what she wants. She enjoyed playing in the shallow water and sand at the beach but got scared and clung really tight if I held her in the deeper water. She wasn't too fond of her life jacket but I think she realized that she had to have it on in the boat because she didn't complain so much after a little while. Curt got lots of wake boarding and surfing in and I got to so swimming. Vacationing with family is great, with so many people to watch and entertain Nollie it actually felt like a break for me. Curt & I even took one night to go out for supper alone.

And, we caught the mouse while we were away, hopefully that is the only one, I haven't seen any signs of another.


michelle said...

yay.... i was so excited to read that you are moving back to DV that I dropped some ham on my keyboard... so Curtis will be working for the other APEX/APECS. So excited for you and that you will be having your baby close to home.... are you going to have this little one in DV. See you at Melissa
& Greg's wedding

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Michelle tipped me off to your big news but it really put a smile on my face reading your news! I am so excited. DV is a lot closer to Devon than Provost.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome Marci!! I am glad you have such good news. Good luck with the packing!!
Kelly :)

Anonymous said...

That's such good news, all the assorted family members on both sides must be so pleased as well that you guys are going to be home in DV! Look forward to chatting with you soon via phone - it's not looking like I'll make i t out to the ranch this summer before heading east plus you guys will be too busy it sounds like. Love jess (more nollie photos i fyou have the time please!)

Anonymous said...

i couldn't be happier!!! i am just we are just thrilled that you guys are moving home.Dawson and Nollie will get to grow up together, and aunty will get to see her little munchkin...munchkins i guesse soon. I have really missed having you close, and now at this time in my life more than ever i am really going to appreciate being just a 10 min drive away!!! CANT WAIT...p.s take it easy on being so busy mamma...you need to rest up

Krista said...

Congrats...that's great. Good luck with land hunting and house building.

Anonymous said...

Seems like kind of an extreme measure to take just because of one little mouse....

Great news Marsha! It will be neat having you guys closer to Edmonton & for you to be closer to the people that matter most.

Guess this means JD and I won't be making our annual trip to the ranch this year! Oh well, we'll rename it, and start a new annual trip to DV!

Keep us posted!


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