Things are Moving Along

We've been quite busy getting ready for the move back home. We spent a week cleaning and fixing up the house and yard. Our house is now on the market, hopefully it sells well. Last week we went to Drayton & Edmonton. We took our first load of stuff, put an offer on some land, did a bunch of home building research and went to a wedding. We are now back in Provost for another week of packing and cleaning up. This week shouldn't be as hectic as the previous couple, hopefully, we were starting to burn out. This weekend we will head back to Drayton again with another load and start living there. Curt will start his new job the following Monday. We will worry about moving the bulk of our furniture and belongings after the house sells since we will just have to store it anyway. That's the update, there's lots going on but my mind can't sort it all out to write a decent post.


Anonymous said...

hey, hope things calm down for you guys soon and the rest of the move goes smoothly. (and can't wait to see you at V's wedding). love, j.

michelle said...

thinking of you and your moving and living in others homes....if you need any help or a place to come and hang out just give us a call

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