Life in DV

We've been in DV now for about a week and I think we're settling in. We only really brought what we need to live at this point and luckily there haven't been many things yet that are still in Provost but I need here. Curtis is enjoying his new job though it looks like he will be quite busy. He's really excited about the people he's working with and what he is doing. Nollie seems to be adjusted quite well. I think it helps that she was used to Grandma & Grandpa's house already. Her crib and all her toys are here too so I'm sure that makes a difference. Besides it's pretty hard to be upset about living somewhere new when you get so much attention there. I am looking forward to seeing more of the family but it will take a while to get used to having everyone around and being able to hop over for a visit any time. I've gotten quite used to just hanging out alone and I'm not exactly the social butterfly that my sister is. Curt & I are still trying to gather information and make decisions on the house build but we need to wait to find out more about the land we have an offer on and our Realtor is out of the country until next week. The Provost home is on the market and just went in the paper this week, hopefully that helps move things along. We have a feeling it won't exactly be a quick sell. One sad thing that came from all this moving is we decided that we had to get rid or Rufis, he was just too high energy to be tied up all day so on the drive out I dropped him off at the SPCA. I hope that they are able to find him a good home with no cats to kill. Simon is doing well, since we keep him tied up I've been walking him twice a day and that is keeping me in good shape. We've been playing alot of fetch, I think he could just fetch all day long and not get tired of it. I realized that I haven't taken may pictures of Nollie lately and she's changing so much. I will be sure to take some this week and post them.


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