Addicted to Selling

I decided to try selling some of my old text books on I don't imagine I'll actually sell any because science text books go out of date a year after they are written but it's worth a try. Now I keep thinking about what else I can sell online. I'm addicted, books, cd's, movies. I'll let you know if anything actually sells

Life Lists

I've been hearing alot lately about life lists and I decided I should write one. When you write things down you are more likely to take them seriously and start working towards them. There are many things that would have been on my unwritten life list that I have already accomplished ie get degree, get married, have baby buy house etc. and there are so many more to put on my ongoing list. Here's a sampling:
1. Play piano every day
2. Visit the tropical rainforest
3. Have $1,000,000 in assets
4. Pay off our mortgage
5. Move closer to home
6. Send Thank you notes

I would like to challenge everyone to write a life list and to start ticking things off of it. If you need ideas for what to put on your life list check out

Weekend in Devon

What a good weekend! We had our first family photo shoot, you can see a couple photos on Sandra's blog (see Photos by Sandra to the right) I can't wait to see the rest. I attended a Stampin-up card making class and ran into a friend that I met in BC 9 years ago and haven't talked to in ages, what a small world. I have now since joined a card making class in Provost to meet some people and I am so excited for the first class. We did some shopping, including two new pairs of jeans for me, so I am now able to ditch the maternity pants, yeah! And we had a very successful baby shower. Thanks to Jess for hosting the shower and everyone for all the gifts. Now hopefully I will have a productive week. Maybe I'll even do some card making or scrapbooking, I've been inspired.

Up Hill Against the Wind

One bad thing about living on a hill is that no matter which way you walk when you turn around to come home you have to walk up hill and it always seems that the cold wind is also blowing rain in your face. So I enjoy a nice walk with the dogs but then I turn around to come home and wish I hadn't quite walked so far because the walk back is not as fun. Our poor dogs have not gotten as much attention lately since we've had 2 weeks of cold rainy weather and they just want to come inside. When you do go out to take them for a walk they get so excited that their jumping all over the place and trying to lick you to death. Here's some photos of the two on a not so rainy day.

New Jumper

Nollie got her new jumper in the mail last week and she loves it. I can put her in it while I make supper and she'll stay happy and occupied. It's really hard to take a picture of her while she's bouncing all over the place.

And one of her new, cutest hat. She just loves to be naked, gets angry when I have to put her clothes back on.
I've started going to a mom's group in town and I've been meeting some people there. It's great to get out and socialize with people in the area.


Mom & Shelby came to visit us this weekend. It was so great to see them and it was good for Nollie to spend some time with people other thatn myself. I'm really wishing that we lived closer to our families now. I feel like we miss out on so much. If only we could just pick up our acreage and move it, because we also love our place here. At least we can still drive home for the weekends. I can't imagine being further away and having to fly home or drive for days to get there. Maybe someday we'll be able to move back. I'm sure as soon as we get ourselves settled here and get the house just the way we like it it will be time to move. Oh well, such is life.


A note to anyone that enjoys or is good at decorating. Please Help Me. Curtis is always trying to encourage me and inspire me to decorate the house. Hang some pictures, make a new bedspread, get some window treatments. I have several problems though.
1. I have no sense of vision. I will look through decorating magazines and books but since none of
the rooms look exactly like mine I can't imagine what each item would look like in my room.
2. I am sooo indecisive. Once I decided the type of blinds I wanted for our windows I spent months deciding exactly which ones to get, and they all look the same.
3. I'm cheap! I can't even think about spending money on anything for the house let alone something that will look nice
4. I'm a procrastinator. There is a picture frame that I bought when we first moved here (8 months ago), I know exactly what I want to put in it and where I want to hang it but I have not done it yet
On a positive note my new duvet cover has just arrived from Sears today. Maybe dressing up my bed will inspire me to decorate the rest of our bedroom.


I've been tagged by Jessica so here we go.

The rules of the tag are: list 5 weird things about yourself or your pets. Tag 5 friends and list them.

The only bloggers I know were the ones Jessica tagged so I'm not going to retag them but I'll tell you some weird things.

1. I am very particular about the arrangement of a sandwich. Mustard next to the meat, mayo next to the veggies etc.

2. I make my own bread and yogurt (most of the time).

3. I am the "official game board referee."

4. 98% of the time I have hairy legs

5. I tripped going up the stairs from my room nearly every morning as a teenager.

On the Line

There's something quite relaxing about hanging your clothes on the line to dry. You can take your time, get outside, enjoy the sunshine. There are of course many hazards that go along with it. Your clothes may not end up clean if tank trucks are continually driving by on the gravel roads or if your neighbour is combining his field, watch out for this. The Provost wind could blow all of your clothes off the line and about 10 miles down the road (this has not happened but worry about it). The dogs may attack your sheets and rip them (this however has happened). None the less I love hanging my clothes to dry and seeing them on the line. Ahh.

Here's another one of Nollie with her crazy eyes.

Lazy Weekend

What a lazy weekend. I think there is a permanent indentation on my rocking chair and I nearly burnt through a set of batteries on the TV remote. At least I'm well rested to have a productive week. I've got my list and I've already started my weekly home blessing. Tonight we're going to try dealing with some of our tomatoes. We will be making and canning some pizza sauce or pasta sauce. Should be fun. Here are some photos of Nollie and her dad.


Nollie is two months old now. It's hard to remember what it was like before she joined us, what did we do all day? Nollie loves to sit up and stand up. When she's laying on her back she just starts to lift her head up (this takes alot of effort for her), then if you give her your hands she'll help pull herself up to a sitting or standing position. She is smiling all the time and starting to coo and talk to us. We just love it.

Fly Lady

I'm going to try to get back on the Fly Lady Train (for those who don't know about fly lady check out Her method works so well when I follow it but for some reason I can't seem to make it a habbit, I'm always falling off the wagon. I did my before bed routine last night and walking into the kitchen this morning felt great, I could see the counter and it was clean. However I'm sitting at the computer this morning and I am not dressed, let alone dressed to my shoes and I have not done anything yet today. Oh well, one step at a time.


I'm so excited!! My Friends Vanessa & Jessica are coming down this weekend. It's getting to the point were we only get together 3 times a year (Christmas, beginning of summer, end of summer). It seems so strange considering we all used to live together and see each other every day. I guess with Jess on the East Coast, Vin in the city and me in the flat lands it's just not that easy anymore. We always have such a good time when we get together, the conversation never stops. Curt figures I've been a little kookie this week in anticipation. Well I better get the house tidied, have a shower and maybe go to town and pick up a bottle of Wine. Yea!

PS Happy Birthday Quinn
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