Weekend in Devon

What a good weekend! We had our first family photo shoot, you can see a couple photos on Sandra's blog (see Photos by Sandra to the right) I can't wait to see the rest. I attended a Stampin-up card making class and ran into a friend that I met in BC 9 years ago and haven't talked to in ages, what a small world. I have now since joined a card making class in Provost to meet some people and I am so excited for the first class. We did some shopping, including two new pairs of jeans for me, so I am now able to ditch the maternity pants, yeah! And we had a very successful baby shower. Thanks to Jess for hosting the shower and everyone for all the gifts. Now hopefully I will have a productive week. Maybe I'll even do some card making or scrapbooking, I've been inspired.


Anonymous said...

Really glad you enjoyed your weekend! I am so excited to see the rest of the pics from the weekend, the two on sandras website are wonderful.cute little naked nollie. I love going to here site and looking at all the new pics!!
Love courtney

Anonymous said...

Your friend Sandra takes beautiful photos Marci. Glad you had a good weekend and I am loving checking in on your blog to see updates of life on the prairies, Jess

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am glad to hear that you joined a card making class in Provost. it helped me alot to get out of the house everynow and then when the boys were babies/even now!! Although it would have been nice to see you all once a month if you'd come here! Greedy i know! Take Care Adree

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are fantastic! Sandra did a great job of capturing the Buchans at their best.

Keep up the great blogging. It makes me feel in touch and it's great to see Baby Z. grow.



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