A note to anyone that enjoys or is good at decorating. Please Help Me. Curtis is always trying to encourage me and inspire me to decorate the house. Hang some pictures, make a new bedspread, get some window treatments. I have several problems though.
1. I have no sense of vision. I will look through decorating magazines and books but since none of
the rooms look exactly like mine I can't imagine what each item would look like in my room.
2. I am sooo indecisive. Once I decided the type of blinds I wanted for our windows I spent months deciding exactly which ones to get, and they all look the same.
3. I'm cheap! I can't even think about spending money on anything for the house let alone something that will look nice
4. I'm a procrastinator. There is a picture frame that I bought when we first moved here (8 months ago), I know exactly what I want to put in it and where I want to hang it but I have not done it yet
On a positive note my new duvet cover has just arrived from Sears today. Maybe dressing up my bed will inspire me to decorate the rest of our bedroom.


Anonymous said...

I love decorating, ive been told i have a real nack for it. Now that our renos are done it is my turn to shine. It is so funny how one simple thing can change the whole look of a room. Dont worry marci, your quite crafty, just use things you have at your house to start, or pull things from other rooms and put in another. My fav is a $2 square, vase from ikea, fill the bottom with rocks or sea shells etc and one stick of bamboo!, Fruit on display is the new flowers, cheeper and lasts you know what to do you just switch projects all the time!!!Hang a shrine of pics of that gorgeous baby of court

michelle said...

pretend each room is a scrapbook page....add your favorite photos everywhere....pick your very favorite things to look at ...a fabric....a piece of patterned paper you love...the colors in some fruit and then make you room all about that....pick a room and jump in....make a choose and love it ....don't second guess it...just jump into the next decsion about that for a way to avoid procrastination...let me know the cure....may the flylady's 15min timer will help me as well as you [haha]

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