On the Line

There's something quite relaxing about hanging your clothes on the line to dry. You can take your time, get outside, enjoy the sunshine. There are of course many hazards that go along with it. Your clothes may not end up clean if tank trucks are continually driving by on the gravel roads or if your neighbour is combining his field, watch out for this. The Provost wind could blow all of your clothes off the line and about 10 miles down the road (this has not happened but worry about it). The dogs may attack your sheets and rip them (this however has happened). None the less I love hanging my clothes to dry and seeing them on the line. Ahh.

Here's another one of Nollie with her crazy eyes.


Anonymous said...

That is alot of diapers for little miss Nollie!! She is just so big, I can not wait to see her
Love Courtney

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