Mom & Shelby came to visit us this weekend. It was so great to see them and it was good for Nollie to spend some time with people other thatn myself. I'm really wishing that we lived closer to our families now. I feel like we miss out on so much. If only we could just pick up our acreage and move it, because we also love our place here. At least we can still drive home for the weekends. I can't imagine being further away and having to fly home or drive for days to get there. Maybe someday we'll be able to move back. I'm sure as soon as we get ourselves settled here and get the house just the way we like it it will be time to move. Oh well, such is life.


Anonymous said...

Shelby and I also enjoyed our visit!!We miss you guys so much and really wish you would move back home. Seeing pictures and hearing stories about Nollie growing up is just not the same as watching her in person.
Love to the three of you,

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