Life Lists

I've been hearing alot lately about life lists and I decided I should write one. When you write things down you are more likely to take them seriously and start working towards them. There are many things that would have been on my unwritten life list that I have already accomplished ie get degree, get married, have baby buy house etc. and there are so many more to put on my ongoing list. Here's a sampling:
1. Play piano every day
2. Visit the tropical rainforest
3. Have $1,000,000 in assets
4. Pay off our mortgage
5. Move closer to home
6. Send Thank you notes

I would like to challenge everyone to write a life list and to start ticking things off of it. If you need ideas for what to put on your life list check out


Anonymous said...

one of my favorite shows is the ellen show and she is really big on lifelists. It seems like ive heard something about a lifelist everyday this week from someone. I guess that is my hint to get on it. I think they are a great idea
love courtney

michelle said...

my life list will be posted soon...thanks for the link to superviva...your happiness and clam is infectious...thanks for being you marci jo

Anonymous said...

Good thing to do...will have to post on my blog soon. It was great seeing you this past weekend. \kdh

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