New Jumper

Nollie got her new jumper in the mail last week and she loves it. I can put her in it while I make supper and she'll stay happy and occupied. It's really hard to take a picture of her while she's bouncing all over the place.

And one of her new, cutest hat. She just loves to be naked, gets angry when I have to put her clothes back on.
I've started going to a mom's group in town and I've been meeting some people there. It's great to get out and socialize with people in the area.


Anonymous said...

Nollie sure looks like a martin!! My goodness is she beautiful, looking forward to seeing her soon
Love Courtney

Anonymous said...

Nollie may look like a Martin but the pink hat shot shows some definite Curtis if you ask me. I can't believe how quickly she is growing!

Glad you're enjoying the Mom and Baby group, J in Halifax

Anonymous said...

I think Nollie is the cutest and smartest and bestest (added by Uncle Ian) in the WHOLE WORLD. It is amazing how much she has changed in just a couple of weeks. I can hardly wait to see her on the weekend - I may have a hard time sharing so I am bringing an egg timer to limit the times other people get to hold her.
Love from gramma b.

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