Up Hill Against the Wind

One bad thing about living on a hill is that no matter which way you walk when you turn around to come home you have to walk up hill and it always seems that the cold wind is also blowing rain in your face. So I enjoy a nice walk with the dogs but then I turn around to come home and wish I hadn't quite walked so far because the walk back is not as fun. Our poor dogs have not gotten as much attention lately since we've had 2 weeks of cold rainy weather and they just want to come inside. When you do go out to take them for a walk they get so excited that their jumping all over the place and trying to lick you to death. Here's some photos of the two on a not so rainy day.


jess said...

Have you every thought about how our lives are similar but very different. You and Curt ona farm in Provost with two crazy dogs and Nollie. Us with our house in Devon with our two crazy cats. You guys are great friends and we are lucky to have you.

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