Lazy Weekend

What a lazy weekend. I think there is a permanent indentation on my rocking chair and I nearly burnt through a set of batteries on the TV remote. At least I'm well rested to have a productive week. I've got my list and I've already started my weekly home blessing. Tonight we're going to try dealing with some of our tomatoes. We will be making and canning some pizza sauce or pasta sauce. Should be fun. Here are some photos of Nollie and her dad.


michelle said...

love the b&w of curtis and wishes on you weekly home blessing

Anonymous said...

yeahhhhhhh some new pics, thanx!!! Nollie looks just like your baby pics, that is crazy, and i love how artsy you guys are with your pics, very nice black and white one!! Miss you guys very much!!
Lots of love Aunty Courtney

jess said...

You've been TAGGED. For details check out my blog
You are getting really good at this photography thing Marci. Keep up the great pics.

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