I'm so excited!! My Friends Vanessa & Jessica are coming down this weekend. It's getting to the point were we only get together 3 times a year (Christmas, beginning of summer, end of summer). It seems so strange considering we all used to live together and see each other every day. I guess with Jess on the East Coast, Vin in the city and me in the flat lands it's just not that easy anymore. We always have such a good time when we get together, the conversation never stops. Curt figures I've been a little kookie this week in anticipation. Well I better get the house tidied, have a shower and maybe go to town and pick up a bottle of Wine. Yea!

PS Happy Birthday Quinn


michelle said...

so exciting to spend time with old friends ...especially sleepovers....looking forward to seeing you on the 24th....congrats on the highspeed...which company are you using???

Anonymous said...

Hi Marci and Curt and baby Nollie; We can hardly wait to see all of you soon. I love all these blogs. should I do one? Take care and enjoy your weekend. Jeanie

Anonymous said...

We had a great vist at rancho relaxo as always - a few jaws dropped in Hali when I told people we spent the long weekend shooting pop cans and golfing (although I think it was the golf that really put me over the edge; people don't think I could like golf for some reason). I'm looking forward to a repeat visit late April when Nollie should be closing in on all sorts of fun tricks. Love, J.

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