First Ski of the Season


Yesterday morning we went out to the trails for our first x-country ski of the year.  After 4 days of large family get togethers, including a Birthday and Christmas our family was spent and we were looking forward to a day of relaxing at home.  Curt suggested the ski and I was all over it.  It has been great weather here, I really wanted to get outside and I knew I was in need of some exercise.  The only problem was getting the kids going.  Our kids are painful to get out of the house on a regular day and this was not any easier.  They were playing so happily and I hated to interrupt them to leave for somewhere again.   Nollie was crying saying "you said we wouldn't have to go anywhere today, that we could just stay home."  Sorry dear but Mom needs this and you could use some fresh air too.  When we finally got in the van I was raging, tired of wining, crying, slow moving, etc.  

Since we only have one set of kids skis we generally take turns.  One of us will go for a ski while the other person stays back at the cabin with the kids and lets them play around in the snow and try out the kids skis.  I was still angry after the 10 minute drive to the trails and we decided it was best if I went for my ski first, so that I didn't loose it on any of the kids.  It took about 2 minutes of skiing and I was at peace.  At 10:00am we were the first ones at the trails and the other man that arrived just after us went the opposite way, so I was skiing completely alone.  The temperature was right around zero, beautiful for this time of year and the sun was beaming through the trees. My view ahead looked like this..

... and to my view left through the trees you could see the river valley down below. 

I skiied 3.2 km and on the way back I was getting tired and slow, hoping  I didn't do too much, since other than climbing the sledding hill a few times I haven't done much for exercise since gardening season ended.

When I got back from my ski I was met by Luca coming towards me on the trails.  Nollie had no interest in skiing yesterday and Luca had been ripping around the whole time I was gone.  She was excited and wanted to go on a ski just like I did... as far as I did... even further, so I turned around and we started skiing together. It was so fun to see Luca wanting to ski and enjoying skiing.  She didn't want to turn around and go back at all.  She thoroughly enjoyed her time alone with Mom and was chatting up a storm for the whole ski.  We forgot to grab the kids poles, which is OK since kids don't normally learn to ski with poles but she was convinced she needed some, so she used mine.

Luca and I skied another 500m together, the longest I've ever seen her ski.  I can't wait to get another set of kids skis so we can try family ski together this year. 

Merry Christmas 2011!


Happy 2nd Birthday Wavy

 Hard to believe my baby is 2 now.

Here are some photos of her to celebrate


Riding the tricycle

Her pose

Yes, she dumped an entire box of Cheerios on the floor while sitting on her potty.

The girls laugh about this all the time 
"..remember the time Waverly had spaghetti stuck on her nose.."

Waverly was a scootcher for most of the last year.  
She has permanently stained an worn through several pairs of pants.

..but she has finally decided to start walking this past month. 
(I don't think I have a single photo of Wave walking, gasp!  I know, horrible Mom)

Baby Wavy

Wavy's 1st Birthday

Wavy 2nd Birthday

Happy Birthday Wavy!


I've been wanting to try making Croissants from scratch for a while but knowing that I had to start them two days before we planned to eat them I could never get the timing right.  Friday night after we put the girls to sleep Curt suggested I get them started.  I wasn't all that impressed with the idea at the time, since I generally shut down and do nothing after the girls are in bed, but am I ever glad I did it.  I followed the recipe from the book French Women Don't Get Fat, by Mireille Guiliano.  I found the instructions at and thought her commentary on the recipe was quite humorous as I went along.  After the initial preperations on Friday night they needed some attention twice on Saturday and then the final steps took place on Sunday morning.  I was up early so the Croissants came out of the oven just in time for breakfast.  Curt whipped up a quick batch of chocolate honey to have with them and we sat down to enjoy.  

They were amazing and I will definitely be making these again.

 Would you look at that flaky goodness, mmmmmmmm. 

Needless to say the 12 croissants did not last until lunch time that day.

Night Skate


Last night we went out to the pond in our back yard for a night skate.  

We put a lantern in the center of the ice and head lamps on the girls and let them skate around.  

Waverly sat in the center of the ice and watched.  

The girls had lots of fun and when we came inside we all enjoyed some hot chocolate before bed, such fun!
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