A Summer in Review

Well hello there.  I figured since I basically took the summer off of blog writing I would catch you all up a little before I get started again.  So here it is, a summer in review.

  •  Curt celebrated his 31st Birthday
  • Nollie had her 5th Birthday.

  • I painted our Master Bedroom 

  • We enjoyed both a Martin and a Buchan camp-out.  I love the family get-togethers
  • We enjoyed a free outdoor yoga & nature class for kids
  • Luca won a new bike at the County Fair
  •  We took part in a weekly library camp 
  • We went to the farmers market
  • We played in the mud 
  • We took our first two week holiday as a family
  •  We went to a friend's wedding
  • We went camping
Babies who scootch on their butt get really dirty when camping
  • Visited Grandma & Papa Hutch
  • Spent a week at Buchan's condo
  • Played on Grandpa's boat
  •  Both girls learned to ride a two wheeler
  •  Wavy practiced her tricks
  •  I played in my garden and made a few new flower beds
  • We planted trees
  • Curt covered the beams and posts on the front deck

  • We painted the railing on the decks....again, I think we're done for a year or two.
  • We (mostly Curt) put in two brick patios, one outside the garage door and one outside the walkout door.
  •  We started homeschooling
  •   Nollie lost her first (and second) tooth..
  •  We had a great summer!
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