A need for supervision

Curtis said last night that maybe I should only be allowed internet time under his supervision. Oops, I guess I said "I ordered" or "I'm thinking of ordering" a few too many times. Durring his weekend away I spent alot of time on the internet researching and ordering a few items. Photos, Fabric, Patterns, Magazines, Diapers. That is not even the things I looked at and didn't order; cute bags, childrens clothes, more fabric, more patterns. So much for the money I made selling on e-bay, I've now spent more than double. I guess I'll have to find a few more things to sell in order to pay for this shopping spree.


Anonymous said...

At least you're restricted to internet shopping - I went to the mall on friday, I was only in there for about thirty minutes and it's all kind of hazy but at the end of it I had a pair of boots, a pair of jeans, and a new date sweater. Oh, and a very hot visa. jess d.

Aunty Courtney said...

you have not posted another blog since your need for supervision on the computer...........does Curtis have to be home for you to update your site too? Strict rules around that Buchan household..lol.. Please post a new picture of your beautiful baby, i miss her!!!!!

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