Waverly at 10 Months

Ten Months, that is crazy to think about, so close to a year.  Waverly is generally a happy, content little girl.  She sits on the floor with her basket of toys and plays.  She scooches around a bit but has no interest in crawling or doing any serious movement.  I set her on the floor in the room with us and she plays until she has to pee, has peed or wants a drink.  She has some of her pees and poops on the potty and is happy when I let her do so.  Don't get me wrong I still have a full diaper pail a few times a week but we catch some.  She has been working on going from 2 teeth to 8 teeth in the last month so she has requested a little extra attention but still pretty easy.

She mostly is drinking mama's milk still.  She samples some food if she is awake when we are eating but isn't eating meals yet.  She wasn't a fan of mush so I just didn't worry about it and we went right to food a little later.  She sleeps with Curt & I in her crib that is attached to our bed.  She  naps twice a day, no set  schedule just generally once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  I can just tell when she is tired.

She loves to blow raspberries and has for a couple months now.  She like s to pucker her lips and make kiss noises, she does "so big" by putting her arms in the air and claps her had patty cake.  She likes to explore new toys and books and loves to be with her sisters.  She has recently started dancing by bopping up and down when she hears music playing.  She says "dadadada...", "yayayaya..." and "babababa..."  and makes gurglly chubaka noises.  She loves baths and swimming and will just kick the whole time.  Really there is not much she doesn't like. 

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