The Garage Sale

Danna & I had our garage sale this weekend.

  • I haven't eaten lunch or dinner at home since Wednesday.
  • My house is a dissaster (not too unusual but I'll blame it on the garage sale)
  • It was so much work for the set-up and pricing everything
  • I am still exhausted
  • The weather was beautiful this weekend
  • Danna & I enjoyed the quiet moments where we could sit outside in the old furnature that was for sale and drink our coffee or eat our lunch in the sunshine while the kids were elsewhere with their Dads or Grandparents, peacefull.
  • The traffic came in spurts, it wasn't constant.
  • Everyone that came by commented on the ridiculous amount of stuff that was there "is this all your stuff" "um, not completely but, yes".  It almost got embarrassing, we wanted to say "oh no, this is an 8 family garage sale, this is just our shift working it"
  • I enjoyed watching the seasoned garage sale shoppers come through, they noticed everything and found some interesting treasures.
  • The things you expect to go don't and the things you think no one would ever buy, someone does.
  • I sold 3 old textbooks for $2 each, you can't give those things away.  My advice to anyone in school, sell your textbooks as soon as you are done when they are worth something.  As much as you think you will, you will never look at them again, you will just move the rediculously heavy boxes 5 or 6 times and then when you realize you havn't looked at them once in 7 years, they will be worth nothing and you paid $100-$200 a piece.
  • As time went on some prices got reduced and more items got moved to the Free bin.
  • We tried really hard not to pick through and keep any of eachother's or even our own stuff.
  • We basically decided that at the end there were a few of things that we may take if they don't sell. 
  • Every time we said we were going to keep an item, it sold
  • So we tried saying we were going to keep everything, but it didn't work
  • We made over $400 combined.
  • There is so much stuff left you probably wouldn't think we sold anything
  • We're going to open the doors again in a couple of weeks and give it another go, it's all set up already anyways
  • Believe it or not we've both got more to add
  • Prices will be slashed


Lindsay said...

"Prices will be slashed." Too funny. I can't believe how much stuff we have too and we've only been acquiring for a few years.

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