Ladybug Craft

Here's a simple little craft that I did with the girls the other day at home.

On white paper draw a large oval with a line down the middle using a felt marker. Cut out a half circle for the ladybugs head and a bunch of small circles from black construction paper. Have the child glue on the head and spots onto the lady bug. You could also use black stickers if you have some.

While they are busy gluing place corn syrup into a container and mix in a couple drops of red food colouring.

Let the kids paint away with the coloured corn syrup.

Finished Products.

The corn syrup will give the pictures a shiny textured look when it dries. These take a long time to dry completely, I would recommend leaving them for atleast 24 hours before touching the painted areas.


jennwa said...

That is a great idea for my preschool class. I like the idea of the corn syrup paint.

Thanks for sharing with Friday Showcase!

Mama Ruck said...

I wonder if you paint on wax paper with corn syrup if it will dry like a stain glass window? Thanks for entering the Barefoot Books giveaway and good luck!

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