Complete Tiling, Check

Curt had Friday off of work and we were able to knock one more item of the to-do list, a big one that's been lagging on and on and on.  The tiling.  We tiled the backsplashes in the laundry, kitchen & en-suite, around the jet tub and then grouted everything including the shower in the en-suite. 

Also this week Curt installed the last 3 sinks and toilet, finished up some behind the scenes plumbing work that the inspector wasn't happy with and started installing closet doors.  Curt seems to have gotten his drive back, I'm quite sure mine is still missing but since he's working, I'm working.    The progress means:
  • I get to return my parents tile saw that I've been borrowing since tiling began in November
  • All of the tools were moved out of the house, into the garage
  • Less chance of sleeping on sand.  All of the grit from an unfinished ensuite woud get tracked into our bedroom and it was the last thing we stepped on before getting into bed.  Clean sheets didn't last one day.
  • I had my first bath in the jet tub since we finished the main bath in February, wonderful!
  • We get to close our plumbing permit
  • I now have 5 sinks & 3 toilets to clean.  Who's idea was this?
  • Only trim & closets to finish on the main level, plus lots of touch-up painting and a few other things I'm sure.
  • Let the outside work begin.  Cleanup, landscaping, gardening, decks.
  • 97% done????  We will see in the next couple weeks.  Show me the money.


Aimee said...

Fab tile work, Curtis and Marci!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome. From the picture it looks great.


marci_jo said...

Thanks ladies.

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