Organizing Could Start Getting Fun Around Here

I feel like we're actually starting to work on the house again. Yeah! Ever since Christmas we've had a hard time getting motivated to do any work on the house. We were enjoying that our house had enough done to live and not worrying much about the rest. Its not that we didn't do anything, just that we weren't working nonstop every weekend and evening, ignoring our kids, eating like crap and slamming Coke for extra energy to get through the day. Work in the 2009 year is much more relaxed with proper meals and cleaning them up afterwords, plenty of time for playing with the girls, video games, internet & movies. Since Christmas we had insulated the basement walkout wall, installed foil insulation under our in-floor heating tubes, installed some interior doors and spent about 2 weeks getting the solar tubes on the roof and working properly. I had also been working on closets but hadn't gotten much further than a rod in the front entry closet so we had somewhere to hang our coats.

We would like to get the place finished, just to have it done, so that we can get our final inspections complete or at the very least get our occupancy permit so I don't have to live in fear of someone coming and kicking us out of our house and bulldozing it to the ground because we were living there without railings on the deck and drywall around the utility room. We would also love to get our mortgage finalized and get some money from the bank. When building your own house you have to pay for everything upfront and then the bank gives you the money after so even though we have basically payed for everything on the house at this point the bank has only given us half the money. You can not tell me that siding and trim are worth half of the amount of our entire house house. Our house must be 97% done to finalize the mortgage. I'm not sure what that actually means but I'm sure we would need siding done and finishing all the piddly little things inside the house will help too so we're back to work.

In the last week we've finished tiling the main bathroom. We've been able to bath the girls in their tub now and Curt & I have both been able to sneak a couple showers in. I say sneak because we don't yet have a shower curtain (we're waiting on a special L-shaped shower curtain rod that should be in this week) and so we have to have a really quick and careful shower, but it feels good none the less. Curt made the base for the shower in our bathroom, so more tiling is coming our way and we've redone some plumbing at the inspectors request (curse him). We've completed the shelving in the front entry closet, the main bath closet and the pantry. We also hung the cabinets above the washer & dryer in the laundry. With all the storage space getting finished I'm now getting excited at the idea of organizing and getting everything up off the floor. A place for everything and everything in its place. Looks like I know what I will be doing in the next week.

Happy Birthday to my Grandma Graves today!


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