A Problem with the Horizontal

I have a problem with the horizontal. Every horizontal surface that I come across I seem to place something on it, stack things up until I can't even see the original space. I could make a million excuses, my house isn't organized yet, I don't have my closets done so there's nowhere to put things away, someone else put the stuff there. The truth is I've always been like this, the open space just calls me to cover it up. Sometimes when I try to tidy up I will put everything into a nice neat pile on the corner of the island (desk, dresser, etc). It does look better but the stuff's still there. It drives Curt crazy! I'm working on it, sort-a.
A table in my bedroom - a place things go when you don't want to see them in the main part of the house. Funny thing, the drawers are practically empty but rather than opening them up & hiding things I put them on top.

Craft Storage - Another case of why open the drawer when there's still room on top. My excuse here is I want to organize the drawers. You know get rid of some stuff, use my label maker etc so until then I will make no effort to keep it tidy. When the tower gets too high and things won't stay on top I will have to deal with it. Actually things have started to fall and I haven't' dealt with it, I guess that didn't work.

The spare bed. Atleast all of this stuff isn't no the floor.

The half wall that goes around our stairway - I knew this one would be an issue before we moved in. I put items I want to take downstairs there so that I can grab them on the way down (I usually forget) and various other crap just ends up there.

Flylady says to clean your kitchen sink every night but for me it has been my kitchen table. I think It is so pleasing to see a nice clean kitchen table every night before bed and every morning when I get up. Next I would like to add my kitchen island to the routine and we'll see where we go from there. Baby steps... (please ignore the ugly "curtain" hanging in the background that's a whole other post.)


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